Xiaon G12: Vicious Duriant CH1 and CH2

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 1: Vicious Duriant.

Late evening Planet Duriant: system 16, sector 13.

Sajra, a renowned law enforcer, cautiously watched Xiaon as one of his henchmen handed over a briefcase of ten trillion rota in exchange of illegal drugs, to the notorious bounty hunter, who was in disguise as a native.

As part of the rouse, Xiaon was on an undercover mission, working for local drug lord Rez Mioric, who supplied drugs to the moonlighting officer.

The Duriant Authorites knew of Sajra’s illegal activites and naturally wanted him to be removed from service, discretely, without the exposure from the press. Therefore Xiaon’s services were needed to apprehend him, and bring him to justice. A freighter docking bay, was where the illustrious meeting took place.

‘‘Ten Trillion better be there Retnai, don’t be scimming off the top’’Sajra demanded watching from the side, recalling Xiaon’s chosen identity.

Xiaon looked around the docking bay, taking note of the position of Sajra, his men, and Mioric’s security forces. He calculated his next move and nodded. His oily, red flaky, red skinned appearance, made him most definitely unrecogniseable, it was essential, his reputation was infamous across the galaxies.

The bounty hunter walked away and knew it was exactly five seconds until.....

The briefcase exploded and the Duriant thug burst into flames.

‘‘It’s a set up, bury them with proton!’’Sajra exclaimed.

All of his security staff set there blasters on Xiaon and Miorc’s men, cruisers and fuels tanks alike combusted in unison, two of Miorc’s security team ushered him to his personal cruiser. Three of Sajra’s security staff aimed fire at Xiaon, he ducked and dived behind a nearby pillar; and took them out.

He watched as Miorc’s speeder took off, he aimed his tracking device scanner at the cruiser, and processed the vehicle’s registration bar code .

Several of Miorc’s men fell to the ground as Sajra’s forces progressed.

‘‘This needs to end now!’’ He surmised as he saw Sajra attempt to reach his speeder several metres away at the end of the docking bay.

One of Sajra’s men grabbed hold of Xiaon, he ducked down, spun around, and roundhouse kicked the thug to the ground. Another he shot as he raced across the end of the bay. He aimed, fired, and stunned Sajra, with a blast from his proton rifle. A few of his henchmen clambered to his aid, Xiaon wasted no time by grabbing the sleeping parcel, and teleported himself and Sajra back to his ship.

Chapter 2: Captive.

It took some time to get a lock on Mioric’s vessel, there was after all, a price on the king pin’s head.

Xiaon urged the scanners on his ship to widen their search and opened the briefcase. He found mounds of unique crystal, which made the illegal drug K13, no surprise there, there would be a price for this on the black market. In the corner of the briefcase, by the inner lining, he saw a small opening, curiously he opened it, and found the blue prints of what seemed to be the Parliamentary building in Codius the capital of Duriant, pictures of an elected official, and schematics of a bomb.

He rushed over to the back of the ship where he held Sajra in a seven foot by three foot gas chamber. The nerve gas Naxaylaoximin was released, it was composed of a lung compression agent, which caused heavy trauma to the organ.

‘‘What do you know about these schematics?’’Xiaon demanded holding the blue prints in his hand, he had no concern for politics, but the assassination of public figure could mean constraints on business, and tighter rules across the galaxy.


The tall, silver skinned, spiked hair Core Element increased the pressure in the chamber, and watched as the Sajra screamed with agony.

A buzzing sound came from the ships command centre, and an infrared light followed the sound and met the two alien beings in the detention centre. The thin light widened, and from its parameters it produced the form of a fifty seven year old white human male. Xiaon sighed at the sight of his boss, Earl Swift.

‘‘Agent G12 I see you have apprehened Sajra, the Duriant authorites will be most pleased’’ the tall, slim male insinuated.

‘‘I’ll be pleased with my payment’’Xioan replied breathing through his gas mask.
‘‘Why of course, the funds are being distributed as we speak, anything to report, or was it simply business as usual?’’

Xiaon didn’t suspect anything untoward with Swift’s comunicae, he usually checked in on Xiaon, the bounty hunter was aware of how micro-managing humans could be. He threw a cautious look at Sajra, for the right reasons, he wasn’t sure how involved the law enforcer was with the contents of the briefcase.

“I’ll speak to you in the cockpit’’Xiaon withdrew a small hunting knife from his back pocket.

‘‘Here, maybe this will help you remember,’’ he said, sticking a small blade into Sajra’s thigh, and closing the door.

He sat himself down by the pilot chair, removed his mask, and pressed the intercom button, in the command centre, and the holographic image of Swift appeared.
‘‘What did you find, Agent G12?’’

‘‘I have reason to believe their will be an attempt to take the life of President Venn Bonn’’

‘‘What has brought you to that conclusion?’’Swift replied, he believed in the integrity of Xiaon’s work, and even though they argued over his methods, he knew G12 always had good instincts, and got results.

‘‘Surveilleance pictures of Venn Bonn, schematics of a bomb, and blue prints of the Parlimentary building in Codius.’’

‘‘Hmmn, well we can’t take any chances, we have a responsibility to use any neccsesary precautions in this matter. I present to you another assignment, find out whether there is any truth to this ordeal, and if there is deal with the threat in the manner as you see fit, I am sure the local Authorities......’’

‘‘Hey I’m just a messenger, I’m no hero, find someone else to clean up this mess’’Xiaon exclaimed, he had no real care for politics, to become that involved he assumed another course of action would have been implemented.

‘‘I’ll make it ten times higher than your normal fee!’’Swift teased.

‘‘I accept,’’Xiaon reconsidered, the extra financial gain would supplement his retirement plans, he had no desire of doing this forever.

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Xiaon G12: Vicious Duriant CH3 and CH4

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 3:Distant.

Eighty years earlier.........

The scientist watched with glee, that after continuous laser shock treatments, Xiaon was able to regenerate, even though he was only two years old.

There was an element of both envy and fear in their actions, they had never dealt with a ‘‘Core Element’’ before, and they knew not of one’s full capabilities and presumed one day it would have to be destroyed.

The humans continued to test him years after that, extracting his Dna in order to develop a new biological weapon. They had free reign, his had long perished, he had no legal guardians, just those who were in charge of his care at the facility.

Present Day:

He awoke from his sleep, and set a course for Codious. Sajra had eventually confirmed that there was an assassination attempt on President Venn Bonn, but he gave no specifics and more information was needed. He sent Sajra to the reserved processing unit, where he would be later shipped off to a LARC Colony on sector 6.

The dragon pit was a racing track where Eractaans metre long lizard decended creatures were stationed to hold roughly legal gambling races.

The Crystal; as known to her associates, was a female Duriant, who owned the facility along with another partner. She too had her hand in other activities, such as money laundering and drugs, and therefore was a useful informant, especially in cases such as these.

The track was a hybrid of many elements .The arena was in mid-air, relating to the animals flying capabilities. The track itself was made up of illuminated energy fields, and spectators, at their peril, could zoom in and out of the action; in hover barding pods, as the beasts raced each other, ridden by Duriant Jockeys.

The Crystal however, disliked such risks, and observed the game from a station down below on street level. Her view of the sport was implemented by a web cam feed monitored on a wide screen monitor, in a Vip booth. Xiaon dispatched two of her personal bodyguards, that secured the lounge, there was several thuds at the door, before he entered.

‘‘Always the discreet one, Bounty Hunter?’’Crystal mentioned barely flinching as if she was unintimidated.

‘‘You need new staff....., I’m tired, and these boys were far too easy to take down’’

‘‘What do you want, G12, I am rather busy ’’ The female Duriants were more agile, slimmer, with smoother skin.

‘‘What do you know about these?’’Xiaon said handing out the file to her.

‘‘Well, they look like the plans of the Coduis parliamentary building’’

‘‘Yes and these...look, I haven’t a lot of time either.’’

‘‘My dear boy, I am always willing to help, but I run a business, I need to verify goods, if you have something to offer in exchange of my services then we can make a deal...nothing comes for free my darling.’’

‘‘What do you want?’’

‘‘There is a fly in my ointment, a human, Ray West is proving to disturb my business. I want him eradicated’’.

‘‘And if I do this will you provide me with answers, can you verify that there is going to be an attempt on Venn Bonn’s life?’’

‘‘I will give you the information now. The Legion, have you heard of them?’’

‘‘Yes...So Sajra was telling the truth, it is not just a myth’’

‘‘No, far from it, the same group that were responsible for the cull of life on sector 11, they are ones who are to eliminate Bonn, they believe him to be a hinge on life on Duriant, and want one of their people in place of him. There is an old fire station in the centre of Haverstock Village, this is where you will find their leader Hifron Binn, a Milloith. If you dispose of him, you will over throw the whole order....They cannot think without him, that is of course, if you it’s in your interest.”

Xiaon looked at her coyly, ignoring her comment.

‘‘I appreciate you being so forthcoming, but how can you be so sure that I will deliver, now that you have told me everything I need to know?’’

‘‘Well if you don’t, I’ll have you decommissioned, my dear boy, I can always reach you!’’ Crystal said, sipping a fine glass of imported champagne.

‘‘Well you keep telling yourself that.....,and maybe one day you will believe it!’’

Chapter 4: Hit list.

Later that evening Xiaon honoured his agreement with the Crystal by visiting West. She was a good informant, it would be always good to keep her on side. True to her word the church was easily located.

The church had not been looked after for many years, and was rather isolated, standing alone away from the several houses in the suburban spot. On entering it was rather decrepit too, with several crumbling relics hanging from the walls. The walls were blackened as if there had been a fire, and no one had restored the building to its former glory.

He stepped inside, and was attacked by his assailant, Xiaon turned to the side, caught the man, lifted him up, and threw him against the wall. West looked as he had seen better days, much like the building he was standing in, with his torn clothes and un-kept hair.

‘‘You know they are setting you up, bounty hunter?’’West murmured catching his breath.
Xiaon’s patience would be limited, especially facing a human.

‘‘If you have any last words, choose them wisely, or at least make sense.’’

‘‘You will die in ignorance then, freak’’

West charged at Xiaon once more, he picked up a loose brick and with the perfect use of might, it would have concussed G12 severely. Xiaon once more ducked out of the way, and side kicked the man knocking him to the floor. Xiaon observed to see if the force had pushed the will out of the man, who was in his prime and well built and possibly against another human would have had success, but as West wiped the blood from his mouth, it was easy to see the confrontation was taking its toll.

‘‘Can’t you see you’re being played, bounty hunter? The government wants Bonn dead, he’s dirty, he’s about to be exposed, they don’t want the bad press, they sent you in, hoping you and any other bounty hunter would get wiped out along the way. You’re a dying breed, freak, Duriant’s on the clean-up, and your being taking out with the trash!’’

‘‘You would say that, human, anything to escape you own fate, surely you must be aware the Crystal wants you dead’’

Xiaon slowly approached the man and took out his neutron blade, several questions plagued him, was this man telling the truth? Was Bonn just another dirty official? This man was no real assassin? He needed more evidence. Yet, he needed West disposed of, he could do without Crystal’s minions coming after him.

He raised his neutron blade, and then slowly lowered it, West’s eyes enlarged as he realised his own eventuality, as the blade pierced through his vital organs. He took out his scanner and without much concern, took a picture of the corpse as it plummeted to the floor, Crystal would receive the message loud and clear.

Still, it raised questions about Crystal’s information, had she played him just to get West out of the way? He still needed to be sure.

Westlands, a strip bar in old town, was where most of the down and outs frequented. A stripper named Reema da voit another native was also privy to a myriad of info, and so happened to be his second informant.

‘‘It’s all true, lover boy, it’s all going down tomorrow 4pm just outside the main town hall. The Legion is gonna shoot up that President! Now you wanna have some fun or what ?’’Reema asked sitting on his lap and straddling Xiaon in a private booth.

‘‘Why not, I am feeling a little tense, I could do with loosening up. It had been a while since he had enjoyed some female attention.’’

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Xiaon G12: Vicious Duriant CH5

by Paul Bentham

Chapter Five: Early morning Haverstock.

With eight hours left till the assassination, Xiaon was well aware of his constraints. The Old fire station was at the end of the village surrounded by old semi-detached houses.
As he entered, there appeared to be sixty soldiers, clad in in navy blue waiting for him, holding a myriad of weapons, including crossbows, whips, and blades! They rushed towards him, Xiaon delved into his cerebral cortex his mental physic abilities, fully prepared to take them all on. Strangely so, on contact they fizzled away, appearing to be just holograms. Just as he was appreciating the technical difficulty, he was lifted in the air and was hurled to the ground.

A huge oafish nine foot tall beast with infinite mounds of hair, and a huge horn at the top of his head. He had four arms each carrying axes. Hifron Binn he assumed.

Xiaon arose and shook off the dust. Without words, it lept in the air, and swung for Xiaon.
The bounty hunter back-flipped and parried the move with his neutron blade, and used all his might to stand guard against such a beast, but with lightning speed, the beast used it’s second arm to swing for Xiaon, and a third to push him, giving him a huge blow to the head. Stunned, Xioan rolled over and recovered.

‘‘Your resistance is futile, bounty hunter, you cannot prevent the extermination of Bonn,’’ the beast stated.

‘‘I will stop you.’’

Xiaon leapt up and gasped his blade with both hands, wiping the blood from his mouth, he was determined to finish this. He aimed low and high, each time the beast parried his advances. Then without warning, he back-flipped again, turned, and made two light jabs in the Millioth’s chest. The beast shook it off, and once again, their blades met. The beast leant forward and head butted Xiaon, and used the tilt of the blade to sweep him off his feet.

‘‘Foolish. Why do you fight for a man who is rotting the very core of the galaxy? We aim to improve the Duriant....

Xiaon interrupted.

‘‘You fight for your own selfish cause. Venn Bonn is innocent’’

‘‘Innocent, he is the leader of many a drug cartels, he had Sajra under his pay roll, Sajra manipulated you into eliminating their competition, yes Bounty hunter we have been watching you.

Whilst the beast was talking, Xiaon used his telepathic abilities to provide a teleport push, and placed himself behind the Millioth, using the force to knock the beast off his feet. He wasted no time and laid blow after blow upon the Millioth, the beast shielded himself from the strikes, but with a slight opportunity, he drove his neutron blade straight into its chest. Knowing full well Binn would simply pull the blade out, he grabbed one of the axes and sliced the head clean off, letting it plummet to the ground. He caught his breath and was glad the battle was over.

He took a speeder to the centre of Codius, waited and watched from a reasonable distance, possibly someone would take the Millioth’s place. A small parade ensued, but just as the Crystal predicted, when the President walked out of Codius Parliamentary Building, he and Xiaon was undisturbed.

There was not much talk of the Legion either, apart from the odd peaceful protest outside prominent buildings. Whoever eventually took over from the Millioth, must have been a more democratic and passive leader. There was even some talk that the Crystal was involved, but he had not time for such idol gossip, neither was he bothered to quiz her on it either. To him, he was just satisfied that those issues were wrapped up.

Months later........Drackovian system Sector 19.

He landed in front of Mioric in a hideout, bursting through the roof, sending splinters of glass everywhere, shocking the guards and the notorious kingpin. Xiaon could have teleported but he wanted to make an entrance. Once stunned, he placed two plasma rifles at each of the guard’s neck, and told them to stand down. An overzealous employee struggled, the bounty hunter shot him point blank in the head and advised the other not to resist.
The throne room equated itself to that of a mosque or church, with relics, gold pillars, and pagan gods mounted on walls.

Xiaon took out a metal plaque with an issue of Mioric’s bounty. He threw the transcript on the floor, which landed at Mioric’s feet, and aimed his second gun at the kingpins head.
‘‘Bounty Hunter, you are truly irritating. I presumed this matter was over, you have had Sajra banished after all!’’

‘‘You thought wrong, can you come with me alive, or…?’’Xiaon stated, kicking the security guard to the ground and shooting him.

The orange beady eyed oafish king looked at the transcript with contempt and summoned more guards from the other room.

‘‘So be it!’’Xiaon replied, firing rapidly at will at all that were in sight, this business needed to be wrapped up quickly! They would all be eliminated if necessary.

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