Xiaon G12: Bounty Hunter

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 1:The Survivor.

Mechanical tentacles surrounded the infant, it’s underdeveloped lungs were so lacking in function, that it prevented it from screaming out in agony.The creature wriggled it’s body in relation to the pain, that had been inflicted by the steel instruments, that poked and prodded it so.

Yet for a ‘’Core Element being’’ this day old infant was incredibly strong with undeniable healing powers. Its heart was not so robust. It had kept the babe alive, but it needed support. The powers that be, imported a human heart into its system, prolonging it’s life, and its own healing powers enabled the child to survive the procedure.

Eighty Human years later.........Xiaon G12 awoke!... ...In chains, in a dungeon surrounded by steel walls and assimilated droids, poised to terminate him if he broke free. Captured by the security team of the bounty he was hunting; Wan- Brwoton, he was ambushed, but there was no time for self-pity.

Xiaon knew he had to escape, it was only a matter of time before Brwoton’s team would take him to their thug of a leader, and then it would the end of this horrible predicament.
Xiaon delved into his cerebral cortex, he observed the alighted monitoring systems on each of the droids, closed his eyes, and placed each of the droids in his mind. After some unbalanced movement, each of them began to heat up, and very soon erupt with loose parts flying everywhere. Sparks ensued, as eventually each of the droids fell to pieces in heaps of mechanical rubbish on the floor. Then to the chains......... standing over seven feet tall, and weighing 320 pounds, the steel constraints were not difficult to disconnect. After some tugging, he gathered some breath, his healing was re-aligned, and he regained focus.

Much luck was bestowed before him, as at a side glance he noticed the keys to his cruiser ship, which carelessly laid on the far table in the centre of the room.

‘‘Amateurs,’’ he muttered to himself, but appreciated the opportunity.

He jumped out of the room and immediately the alarm system rang. Xiaon took a pragmatic view of his surroundings, the whole area was almost like a detention centre with steel walls and detainee numbers for each prisoner. Steam came from the boiler down below, and security guards were on the horizon. A set of stairs ran south of his room, it was almost like a maze, with a series of corridors running parallel to each other. It was imperative that he used his intuition quickly, as several of Browoton’s security guards were rushing towards him. The Gereous natives were undeniably rotund, with thick red skin, troll type features, a huge snout, and a horn where a nose would be featured on a human.

He jumped into mid-air as two approached, attacking them two with light high kicks. He grabbed hold of one of the officers as he propelled himself onto one of the banisters, dropping him down to the next level that laid below. He could see the hanger to his ship at the end of the platform. More guards came to his attention, he saw in plain sight a large an odd piece of metal that lay across the ground, using it as a staff, he knocked two of them off their feet, and concussed one with a heavy blow to the head, and the other he knocked to the wall.

He rushed towards the hanger taking down more henchmen that came into his path. Out into the wasteland of Gereous Tilt, the notorious planet with its brazen green moon, and mystic Fog, he saw his cruiser a few feet ahead.

Acquiring a plasma rifle from one of the guards, he dispatched them, with accuracy and agility. Nothing was going to stop him leaving this facility, he would get his ship, hang around for a day or two and come back to retrieve his bounty.

He reached the ship and opened the cockpit door, only to find a blaster pointing at him. Brwoton, his evasive bounty, and notorious thug, held the pistol with a huge element of glee.

‘’You have escaped from my facility, but this is the end for you!’’ Browoton grunted in his native tongue.

Xaion understood and retaliated using the same dialect.

‘’I will escape this planet Browoton, AND I’M TAKING YOU WITH ME!’’

Hand to hand combat had to be devised, as to avoid destruction of the ship. Brwoton had other plans and fired a shot, which luckily missed and hit outside the ship, bricks collapsed where the shot projected

Xaion flew forward, and knocked the blaster out of Brwoton’s hand, the beast roared, initially Brwoton was much stronger than Xaion, and within the confines of the cockpit of the shuttle, it would be a difficult task to overpower him.

Xaion had to react, he grabbed hold of Brwoton, and teleported him outside the ship. With brute force the thug pushed him back, and repeatedly struck with a huge abandoned piece of rock. Xiaon finally blocked, and back flipped, striking the beast. Once back on his feet, Xaion saw his enemy getting up also slowly, he wasted no time and used the spike and drove it straight into the beast’s head.

He gathered his breath once more and retrieved the spike from the corpse of the lifeless gangster, and contemplated his actions.

‘’He was supposed to come in alive.............There goes my next vacation!.’’Xaion smirked.

He teleported back into the ship and stepped into the cockpit, and adjusted a series of buttons and controls, preparing for take-off. His ship ‘’The IMPERATIVE’’ whined and moaned several times, before its engines roared with more assertiveness. Eventually the ship lifted off the ground and he sped away from the wasteland. The sky was still filled with much fog, and he set a course for the next galaxy. He drove out across ocean, and was about to hit auto pilot, when the cruiser shook as it was fired upon from below.

Agents of Bworton he assumed, firing from the facility, believing they were still following orders, unaware of their master’s plight. His targeting system alerted him to a second wave of fire. He managed to divert himself from the attack, then a third round caused a fire in the shuttle. The ship spun notoriously, and came hurtling down, descending into the ocean.
The ship plummeted, and the Bounty Hunter knew it would be only a matter of time before the ship would explode. With no moments to spare, he gathered what weapons were available and teleported out of the Imperative. Watching it catch fire, he hid out of sight beside some rocks, waiting for his assailants to come into view. After a short period they arrived. They spent several hours combing the beach head and gave up the search possibly due to starvation, boredom, or both, concluding the bounty hunter had perished with his vessel.

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Chapter 2:Adrift.

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 2:Adrift.

Xiaon dragged himself to shore, feeling cold, wet, and hungry he observed a shack several hundred metres ahead, and marched onwards. There was no certainty that the security group were not still searching for him, but he needed the rest and time to evaluate his predicament.

It was a small hut rather than a home, with one level, a straw roof and huge builds of timber acting as a fortress. The door was unlocked, broken into, unusual, but fortunate as his strength was dwindling. The shack was empty, probably some sort of holiday home, he found some meat, managed to light the fire place, and slumbered down in front of it, and fell into a deep sleep.

Hours of peaceful sleep were consumed, however his time of solitude was interrupted by the sounds of wailing during the early dawn as a cold breeze came from the beach shore. Unable to achieve more rest, Xiaon arose from his small nest that he had made to investigate. Perhaps it was some guard dog who had picked up on his scent? he quizzed feeling groggy, but during sleep he had recovered from some of his aches and grazes. It was an animal of some kind, he calculated, possibly it had stolen it’s way in, during the night or had been there all along, he followed the shrieks around the room, the scent was familiar but he couldn’t place it, but couldn’t see anything......it was coming from beneath him!

The creature continued its shrieks, Xiaon reached for the steel spike as to put an end to the noise, and possibly the beasts suffering. Chairs and footstools were pushed out of the way to locate the source, he began ripping open the floor boards frantically, blisters of shattered wood flew everywhere, until he discovered what he was searching for.

Lying innocently in a basket was human baby! It was a girl, six months old, with slight brown hair, and blue eyes, but where was it parents? no matter he thought.

Xaion’s first Instinct was to exterminate it! If Brwoton’s men were still looking for him, the human would give up his location. Besides he hated humans disgusting pulse bags. The babe cried, and then Xaion had a moment of contemplation.

If he spared the babe’s life, he could use the human to aid a disguise. He could pretend to be human, and be the infant’s father, to avoid Brwoton’s men detection and escape. He would gather all that he would need to aid a disguise, and then he could make his way off the planet.

The more he considered it, it made perfect sense, for now the babe would live. He found some substitute for milk, fed the baby, gathered some clothes and headed out looking for equipment. Despite Xiaon’s unhuman appearance, the babe took to him, perhaps it preferred her chances with him than under the floorboards.

He wrapped the baby around his waist, and covered up well with a hat, and masked his face. He walked for miles before seeing a single soul, the cruel wind was relentless, so he waved down a truck, and as he approached the city he found a market. There must have been a small human settlement on the planet, as the bric or brac stall owner was in her late fifties and possibly a traveller from the nearest LARC colony.

‘’How much for a flesh mould?’’

A flesh mould was a malleable piece of latex used for purposes such as these to aid disguise or for fancy dress for beings who had a fetish for being human.

‘’Sixty Rata’’

‘’It will do.’ ’It was 10 rata more expensive than it should have been, but Xiaon was in no position to cause an argument.

‘’10 rata for your silence.’’

The stall keeper nodded as Xiaon revealed the spike by his side. ‘’Of course sir!’’

‘’Where can I get this affixed?’’

‘’The Pro-att shop five blocks away on Hislip street, he does it for a good price.’ ’The lady coyly smiled.

When he reached the shop, he was greeted by a tall elongated creature, yellow and shiny with slight eyes and six arms, and a wide neck and head. They were Ceriatorns and not easily trusted, but again the bounty hunter had very little choice.

‘’Sir, what can I do for you?’’ The Ceriatorn responded.

‘’I need a human inter-change, male, mid-thirties, ’’Xiaon replied in the proposed dialect. He spoke six million languages, handy for a bounty hunter.

‘’You speak my language sir, very impressive...Yes we can do that for you, you seem like a man in need of a very quick getaway, we get alot of these.’ ’The man smirked.

‘’I need a lot of discretion,’’ Xiaon handed the creature a huge load of bills.

‘’Very well, sir, step this way’’ Xiaon was then led into a small box, much like a 21st century photo booth, with a mirror for him to align himself to a droid enabled camera, taking measurements. Periodically a multitude of flashing ensued. The creature scrambled outside the booth and used his spanner device to adjust circuits and controls. An overhead droid laid the mould over Xiaon’s head, and with a myriad of lasers, it altered his shape to a human male.

‘’Discretion or else,” Xiaon warned as he jumped from his seat, collected the baby, and left the shop.

Shots were fired in abundance, Xiaon looked at the shop owner who shook his head and began to close the shop in order to hide, a single blast to the stomach made the creature fall to his knees.

‘’Saves me a job.’’ Xiaon grizzled as he took no comfort in realizing the coincidence of the circumstances.

‘’Die, disgusting rebels,’’ uttered a huge Gereous, surrounded by a team of his fellow officers with enough blasters to supply a small army. They seemed to concentrate their fire on humans, and anyone else that got in their way was their own fault. This was not good timing to be human. He ducked and dived, before having to fire back at the incoming waves of plasma beams. He took several of them down, dodging explosions, not an easy task having baby in tow, but necessary none the less. He pushed himself towards an alley, and found an abandoned speeder, and headed off in the safest direction, luckily he wasn’t followed. It was plausible that the security team was far too busy with what was going on to notice him slip away, he gathered as he made his way back to the shack.

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Chapter 3: Cradle to the knave.

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 3: Cradle to the knave.

The infant fell asleep after moments of finishing it’s feed, he kept the mould on, as it seemed to soothe the child and prevented it from crying, which was therefore a mutual benefit to them both. Questions ran through his mind over the parents’ whereabouts. It was odd that they were not around and the child was, being familiar with human bond and attachments. The placement of the child under the floor boards was also dubious! Perhaps they were scared and hid the babe for safety? Whatever the case, it would be sensible to try and find them, and get a new ship in the process.

The next day, he ventured to another market, and whilst enquiring about a ship, he asked questions about the babe’s parents simultaneously, having found a picture back at the shack. His efforts were wasted, he found out nothing! Again he could only surmise that they were from a nearby human colony.

He was directed to the Rackerts bar on the south side of the city, where he could make connections with people that sold ships. His speeder triumphed through the rocky and dusty terrain of the city, the emerald dark moon glazed brightly, and he sped furiously to avoid detection by security troops.

The Rackets bar was a dimly lit watering hole, notorious for serving Larcs humans from the colonies of long area reconstructed communities, it seemed like a the logical place to investigate. After some time he found a dealer.

‘‘So when can I have a look at the ship?’’Xiaon questioned a short rugged man in his late forties.

“Come by tomorrow, Hanger 17, east bay doc... I want half the money now, and half the money when you come tomorrow.’’

Xiaon didn’t appreciate this method. The dealer seemed untrustworthy.

‘‘I don’t think so, how do I know that you won’t run with half of the money? No, I’ll meet you tomorrow, and if you find another buyer by that time fine, if not, I’ll take the ship off your hands.’’

The man nodded and walked off, muttering something to himself. Xiaon ignored him, and gathered himself another Larc ale. The bar took a sinister tone when a group of Gerious walked in, Xiaon held onto his spike, and was prepared to fight his way out of the room, but waited cautiously.

They were the slightly different then Brwotons men, the group of five had tunics which seem to befit some type of military order. The largest of the group had stripes of general quality on his left shoulder. He bellowed some belittling order, which required his corporals to survey the room, and focus their attention to the young women in the bar, one woman with long blonde hair and slim petite build was grabbed by two of the corporals.
A tall but unintimidating man who accompanied her dug up some courage and attempted to come to her defense, but was pushed to the ground by two of the guards. Plasma rifles were aimed at him, he was not discouraged and approached them once more, the guards reacted, feeling it was utter insolence and fired at him in point blank. The crowd shrieked in fear, Xiaon continued to observe, and was relieved that his flesh mould worked. The guards pointed their weapons on to onlookers, to discourage any further acts of bravery and mocked the crowd as they stood silent and motionless. Two other guards from the pack picked another three women, and left instantly.

‘’What in the cosmos was that all about?’’Xaion asked a tall, well built man who drank beside him.

‘’You don’t wanna know.’’

‘‘Entertain me’’Xiaon retorted.

‘’It’s a human trafficking ring, prostitution for Gerious who likes young human women, it’s been going on for the last two years, a guy called Brax Bwroton, he’s ex-military still got plenty of connections in the army, he’s the brother of a local thug....’’

‘’Called Cali Brwoton, yes I’ve heard of him.......nice family.’’

Then the last piece of the puzzle seemed to squeeze into Xiaon ‘s cortex, the babe’s parents must have been linked to this trafficking ring in some way, they hid the baby in an effort to survive......the moral thing to do was to find the infant’s parents, but they were more than likely dead, and what was he planning to do, start an all out war with the army? No, not considering the fact that he had killed Brwotons Brother, no this was not worth it, he would more than likely leave the baby at the nearest and safest LARC colony, once he got hold of a new ship.

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Chapter 4; Exit Gerious.

by Paul Bentham

Chapter 4; Exit Gerious.

Hanger fifteen was undeniably more circumspect than he would have liked, but time was of the essence. The dealer had presented a small ship, less fancy than the Independent, with its dome shaped nose, and subtle curveous wings. It had seen better days, styling a multitude of blaster holes and burns, a paint job was needed urgently.

‘’I’m guessing it has done a few rounds ’’Xiaon stated, inspecting the inside of the ship, everything seemed to be in working order.

‘’Hey well you wanted a ship, this, well this is the best I could do on such short notice’’
‘’Well it’s lucky I’m not that fussy,’’ Xiaon quirked.

‘’Do you have the money, five thousand rata?” The Dealer responded.

‘’As we agreed.’’ Xiaon handed the dealer the money, and felt grateful that he was soon leaving the planet. The dealers eyes illuminated.

‘’Nice doing business with you, she’s all yours.’’

The ship was slow to prepare for take-off, but once the bounty hunter had adjusted the thrusters, the take-off settings came back on line. The engines roared immensely as the ship ripped through the city’s dark green skies and left the planet’s atmosphere with the infant safely harnessed in a mock baby seater. Content enough the babe was with him, he set a course for the ship to travel to the Riberian Sector.

After a hundred miles or so, Xiaon took some much needed rest, he flicked the auto pilot feature on the ships navigational console, cocked his feet on the dashboard, and closed his eyes.

The ship rocked with a great thud as a tractor beam locked on to the ship.
Xiaon and the infant were instantly woken, the babe cried as Xiaon went through the necessary precautions to pull away from the huge ship that had locked itself onto his. It was rotund, with a multitude of turrets running along its surface, it looked as if it was the control centre for a fleet of more ships, an army possibly. The large ship had altered his cruisers frequencies, and his console systems were down.

After frantic resistance he was inevitably pulled into the larger ship’s main hull. A vast amount of cruisers were lined up in the ship’s hanger, and a huge control centre was at the reach of the hanger. Cannons in the hanger faced Xiaons ‘s ship and it looked as if he was forced to surrender, this was not acceptable, he had to think of a strategy quickly.
At the head of the control centre was the Admiral from the Rackerts bar, his voice boomed from the watch tower.

‘’Surrender Bounty Hunter, you have no choice!’’

‘’Why should I surrender when you already have plans to blast me to smithereans?’’ Xiaon questioned, speaking from the tannoy in his ship, wondering how and why the Admiral knew of his plans. Was he double crossed again by the dealer?

‘’ No, I will resist firing on your ship, because you killed my brother Cali Brwoton, I want to fight you with honour, like a soldier, not for your benefit, but it’s what my brother deserves...you have but a small chance to survive if you face me in hand to hand combat, failing to do so, I will fire against you!’’

There were at least a dozen turrets facing him, he had no choice. He opened the hatch and stepped out of the cockpit. The admiral ventured down from the control centre. He eyed up Xiaon with a vengeful gaze and armed himself with a metal staff.

‘’My informants on the planet gave me the identity of your ship, and your disguise, my brother’s life was an immoral one, but you had no business taking it,’ the Admiral dramatized.

‘’Your brother was a job, I did what was necessary’’

The admiral charged at Xaion, Xaion ducked out of the way but he was much quicker than his brother, and swung his staff, it would have hit Xaion, but he was well aware and ducked his head out of the way. He took a swing at the Admiral, the Admiral blocked it, his military training served him well. Xiaon leapt into the air, poised to strike the admiral with the blade, the Admiral blocked again, but in turn, Xiaon landed and swept the admiral of his feet, the force of the blow caused him to stagger back, and then simultaneously fall.
Xaion paused and smiled, and gestured the Admiral to get up, he toyed with the Geroius to get him angry, that would make the fight a slight challenge. The Admiral got up ungracefuly, and warned off the wave of soldiers that were attempting to rush to his aid, no, there would be no honour in letting his troops defeat the bounty hunter, even if he perished he would do so with pride.

He lunged at Xiaon, using the staff as a battering ram, Xiaon turned to the side, spun around, and side kicked the admiral. The admiral in reflex swung at Xiaon with a side punch to the chest, which stunned him slightly.

It was time to end this, he spun the spike round with one hand, and stared at the brute, then leapt in the air again as if to strike him with the blade or sweep him off his feet. The admiral expected this manoeuvre and went to block. Xiaon in mid-air somersaulted and dived into the Admiral, sending the spike right through his chest, piecing his body armour. The admiral shrieked with shock, feeling the steel tear through his internal organs, and sensing it was the end, his life being drawn away from him.

His soldiers witnessed the demise of their leader and immediately become outraged, roars of anger filled the control centre, fists went in the air as they charged down from the box to take vengeance for the death of their leader. There was at least twenty of them, Xaion, with all his powers would not survive the encounter. Xaion closed his eyes and teleported back into his new cruise ship.

He landed in the seat, and had to check the weapon system...the guns were fine, but no bombs. A few soldiers beckoned, and the bounty hunter fired with extreme prejudice, a few of them backed off, but he fired at those that didn’t till no more stood. Then he realised he couldn’t just leave any survivors, he was not psychotic, but if he was merciful, and left any witnesses, the whole army would be sure to retaliate.

He turned his guns to the ships power conduits in the far corner of the hull, and fired upon them repeatedly, explosions catapulted from one side of the hanger to another. He poised his direction to the control centre, and once more fired, a huge portion of the room caught a blaze, and a variety of explosions began. He set the thrusters forward on the ships accelerator and zoomed out of the doomed ship, watching it explode into background.
He looked to the back of the ship and glanced at the infant, who smiled at him, she had gotten used to him throughout the last few days, maybe a bond or understanding had developed between them. The babe smiled at him nevertheless.

‘’Don’t get to used to me kid, I’m just about to drop you off, get you a new set of parents.’’ Xiaon pushed forward on the accelerator and set a course for LARC Colony Riberian.

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