UFO sighting near Ontario and Michigan border

by Ryan J

I seen that type of ufo a couple of years ago when i was living in the country about 15km from nearest town. It was between 1-2am and i was outside having a smoke because i couldn't sleep. I was already set for bed so of course i didn't have my phone with me. I seen it come over a small forest in my neighbours property and it moved very slowly and made no sound at all. It had the 3 white orb lights at the corners of the triangle and an amber/red ord light in the centre. Either this thing was massive or it was flying very low (seemed about 50 feet above trees). Nothing extraordinary happened besides me finally seeing one with my own eyes. I watched it for as long as i could until i couldn't see past the trees on my and neighboring properties. This was about 5 mins from the US border near marysville or algonac michigan and I'm pretty sure they have an airforce base around that area because their fighter jets do maneuvers In the sky all the time over Canadian and American air space. I don't know if it was Alien or Military craft but it was definitely the triangle shaped UFO's we see pictures of.

No you can't see the lakes from the property. It was a few minutes away from the St. Clair river that separates Ontario from Michigan and is a natural border for the area between Sarnia, ON and Port Huron MI down to Windsor ON and Detroit MI. It appeared to be travelling towards Algonac MI and like I said I'm sure they have a military base near there but unsure exactly where, might be in Algonac for all I know.

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