Those pills stop me from seeing the truth! Reptilians are all around us.

by Janice

Hi Rob,

Thanks for running Letters About Real Conspiracies. It’s nice to have a community of other people who have seen through the lies of popular culture and mainstream media. I tried sharing my eye witness accounts with the people in my life, but they all saw that there are no reptilians living among us. They are wrong!

The doctor has a name and a pill for my alleged “condition” but I know I’ve just got enhanced senses that allow me to see through the reptilian mind control. I see them often now, just like when I was a girl. Before I saw the doctor I would see beings with smooth purple skin and features like dragons. Sharp teeth, long tails, wings all folded up on their backs. They just pretend to be humans and do human stuff. The pills don’t make them go away, they make my mind accept their illusion. They are masquerading as human beings and walking among us. Now I’m off the pills again. I don’t want to fit in. Not when it means never knowing who is human and who is reptilian.

I’ve made it my mission to find out what they are doing here and what they want from us. I wish my sight worked on the tv too, because I know that certain celebrities and politicians are really reptilians. I think they want control. If I didn’t get laid off from the Walmart I’d save up to take a trip to DC. I would expose the important ones. I can’t expose the ones in town no more, I got banned from the CVS, the Henny Penny, and the MacDonalds for doing that. Regular people without true sight are afraid of the truth.

I can’t wait to hear more from others with the sight. Anyone with true sight seen the president? Is he one of them?


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