My experiences with Greys

by Keith

I have many experiences from my childhood into adulthood surrounding dreams, shared experiences with family and friends. Some involve seeing a UFO, others involve contact with aliens. Yes, I know, I’ve shared these stories with friends & I hear it, I sound crazy.
Other things have happened over years that I used to think were ‘ghosts’, or spiritual beings. I think it’s all related somehow with aliens and/or time overlapping. Again, I hear it....crazy!

Let me share 2 events that happened during my sleep. As a young teenager I had repeated dreams which were kind of sexual in nature. In my dreams I had several beings around me taking off my cloths and touching me. They appeared to be naked as well, but I couldn’t tell what gender they were. It was dark in my bedroom and that’s how I processed it in my dream, I just couldn’t see. I was not scared, they had a calming presence about them. They always collected my DNA and then the dream would end and the next morning I would wake up and think what a funky dream! I was a virgin, hadn’t had an orgasm at that point.
I remember seeing their eyes, big almond shaped eyes. A couple years later I saw the first picture of a ‘Grey’. It sent shivers down my spine because these were the visitors in my dreams. Then I started dreading about abdications...

. Fast forward to my late 20’s. I had my own apartment and was working 3 jobs to put myself thru school & buy a house. I dreamt that the Greys came into my apartment, they needed to show me something. Side Bar: I was applying for adoption, I wanted to become a parent.
The next part of the dream I was standing inside a spacecraft. Bright, enormous. Bigger than any building I was ever in. The walls had a slight inward curve toward the top. The walls had half moon shaped light sconces, hundreds of them. The Grey communicated to me that I shouldn’t worry about becoming a father. That I already was a father. I had many children. I remember tears running down my cheeks and the Grey pointed to one of the sconces and this baby floated out of it and into my arms. The baby looked like a human baby, but the eyes were more alien looking. The baby was awake and smiling at me, I was hugging it, and kissing its forehead & just feeling an overwhelming sense of love for this baby! Then the Grey told me it was time to go and the baby floated out of my arms back into the wall sconce. I asked if I could come back and visit again and the Grey told me one day I will meet my children.

I woke up! I was crying, upset, happy, all these emotions. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet thinking that was a vivid, messed up dream. Until I realized my t-shirt smelled like a baby. Even my bare arms smelled like a baby. That rattled me for quite a while. I kept that t-shirt in a dresser drawer for over a year. I didn’t wash it. Every once in a while I would pull it out and smell it. It smelled like a baby for a very long time.

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