Lights over Phoenix on 3.13.97

by Jose
(Apache Junction, Arizona)

Hi Rob,

I know this hardly counts, because thousands of people saw the same thing as me, but the government is hiding the aliens from us! If we talk about the Phoenix lights enough, then the feds will have to declassify their existence.

I was a teenager at the time. I used to climb on the roof of the shed at night and smoke a couple Kools while watching the stars. I grew up in Apache Junction, but the outskirts, right at the base of the Superstition Mountains. There were no streetlights that far out and you could see all the stars. More than any city dweller ever knows exist.

It was about 10:30 and I was getting ready to climb down, when my beeper vibrated. 80085 from my buddy Jake. Real classy. I looked up and saw five lights, the color of streetlights, but high up in the sky. They flew south like a flock of birds, in a V pattern.

Then I fell off the darn shed and broke my wrist! My old man grounded me for smoking, too.
That’s my Letter About Real Conspiracies… Keep up the good work!

-Jose Martinez

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