I got abducted in the Finger Lakes

by Ellen
(Upstate New York)

Dear Rob,

Thank you so much for hosting Letters About Real Conspiracies! It is nice to put my experience in writing. Everyone I tell about it looks at me like I’m a mental patient, but I know it happened! They are the crazy ones for dismissing the possibility.

I live in Victor, just outside of Rochester, and I was driving home from my sister’s house in Penn Yan, on the Finger Lakes. It was late and rain was coming down so heavy that I was crawling along at about 30 mph. Then I thought I hit another car! My Jeep suddenly stopped and I was blinded with light so bright I thought a tractor trailer was flashing its high beams. I slammed on the brakes out of instinct and squinted hard until my eyes adjusted. I peered out the windshield and up. I saw part of a flying saucer! It was right over me. I began to hyperventilate and I think I passed out.

The next thing I remember is lying flat on my back. Four little grey skinned aliens with huge black almond shaped eyes and long thin fingers were hovering over me. I know that is such a generic description, but they really looked just like the little Roswell guy and the descriptions of a million abductees before me have given!

What isn’t the same is that their leader came up and joined them. It was a tall athletic man with pale blonde hair and bright blue eyes. There was a Nazi sign on his uniform. Weird, right? But it’s true!

I’ve heard of sleep paralysis, where people have dreams of dark figures looming over them and they can’t move their bodies. I would have choked the experience up to that if it wasn’t for the hunky guy with them.

I woke up to birds chirping. I was on the side of the road, in my Jeep. I would have again suspected I had simply fallen asleep and not been abducted, but my clothes were soaking wet.

I don’t know where they came from or why they are led by a Nazi. But I do know UFOs are real!

Ellen J. Stanley

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