I found and translated part of a Nazi letter about Hollow Earth

by Tim

Dear Rob,

Thanks for running a blog where people can share their Letters About Real Conspiracies. There are dark forces controlling public perception and those of us interested in the REAL NEWS about our world can finally share their knowledge.

I was renting a room from an old lady in Tempe in 2009 when I discovered an old letter stamped and postmarked from Argentina in 1944. The letter was written in German, so I figured maybe it was about WWII. I knew I had to give the letter to the old woman, it was probably from her boyfriend or something, but first I typed it out into Google Translate.

I couldn’t believe what I read! Here are parts of my translation, I will not relay the entire message because I want to honor my former landlord by keeping the personal parts private. For her part, she said her late husband was prone to flights of fantasy. I know he was telling the truth. Decide for yourself, hopefully this revelation helps people find Hollow Earth.

Gretchen My Love,

I have seen such wonders aboard U-Boat 209 beneath the cold frozen Neuschwabenland. The Fuhrer was right! Beneath all the ice and snow an inner world thrives. There is a lush jungle filled with plants and animals both familiar and foreign. It is the kingdom of Agartha.

Brodda has been taking our U-boat from an outpost in South America, laden with building materials, to land within Earth’s depths in order to build a fortress and establish a presence for the Third Reich. Some of the crewmen think it is a fall back plan if we should lose the war. I think it is for bringing the war to the strange inhabitants of Agartha.

I met a creature straight out of a nightmare while on expedition through the jungle of the inner kingdom. His skin was green and snake smooth. His teeth were dagger points, ready to tear flesh from bone. He stood erect, nearly up to my chest in height, with a long thick tail keeping him balanced. He descended upon us from the canopy above with bat wings each as long as two men. He spoke to us in a strange tongue at first and then upon seeing the swastika addressed us in German.

The creature told Brodda’s company that Agartha and all of the Hallows were the domain of his race, the Anki (though we know them as reptilians). Brodda and the reptilian spent hours in private conversation that day.

We have been running supplies for nearly a year. I wish you could see the fortress! It is nearly the size of our village! I must go, we are due to submerge within the hour.

With Love,
Gerard Acker

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