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Shane's Blog

Want news about the Anki Legacies? Interested in freebies and bonus material? Curious about what S Shane Thomas is doing? It's all here.

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Help me spread the word about Monkey going on sale for April 29th by synchronized sharing and/or retweeting my post through Thunderclap.

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I got abducted in the Finger Lakes

Dear Rob, Thank you so much for hosting Letters About Real Conspiracies! It is nice to put my experience in writing. Everyone I tell about it looks at

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Lights over Phoenix on 3.13.97

Hi Rob, I know this hardly counts, because thousands of people saw the same thing as me, but the government is hiding the aliens from us! If we talk about

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I found and translated part of a Nazi letter about Hollow Earth

Dear Rob, Thanks for running a blog where people can share their Letters About Real Conspiracies. There are dark forces controlling public perception

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I saw a giant at Sleeping Giant State Park

Hi Rob, Thanks for telling me about your blog and sharing the results of your conspiracy research with the world. Together, if we all have the courage

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Those pills stop me from seeing the truth! Reptilians are all around us.

Hi Rob, Thanks for running Letters About Real Conspiracies. It’s nice to have a community of other people who have seen through the lies of popular culture

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Letters About Real Conspiracies

Read or submit a letter about having a close encounter, a government cover up, or any hidden truth.

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Halfskin Boxed

Halfskin trilogy review by Shane

Continue reading "Halfskin Boxed"

Broken Nights

Broken Nights book review by Shane

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Help my Monkeyboy sale go viral!

I discovered this awesome free tool to help social media posts go viral. Its called Thunderclap... I know, right? I love that song! Anyhow, you follow the link below and click either your Twitter profile or your facebook profile and Thunderclap will share a post announcing that Monkeyboy is only a dollar (or pound, the sale is going in the UK as well). Everyone who adds their support has their share at the same time, so my post will likely go viral. Please click on the link below to add your support.

Many of you are also authors and/ or artsy types with something to sell. While you are lending me your voice, I highly recommend thinking about putting together your own campaign! You know you've go my vote.

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Totenkopf review by Shane

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Wizard's Secret

Wizard's Secret book review by Shane

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Modern Sorcery

Modern Sorcery book review by Shane

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Fighting Iron

Fighting Iron book review by Shane

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Badly Drawn Lines

Hurtling on East-West tracks crossing North-South dunes, stuck beside a nesting backpacker with halitosis. Fairly good luck considering I could have been

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Here be Monsters

Here be Monsters review by Shane

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Crystal Horizon

Crystal Horizon book review by Shane

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Xiaon G12: Bounty Hunter

Xiaon G12: Bounty Hunter

Continue reading "Xiaon G12: Bounty Hunter"

Xodus (The Astralis Series Book 1)

Xodus review by Shane

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Alien Jungle

Alien Jungle review by Shane

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UAV (Horizon's Wake Book #1)

UAV review by Shane

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Polly! review by Shane

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Set the Sky on Fire

Set the Sky on Fire review by Shane

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Three Days Breathing

Three Days Breathing book review by Shane

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Yeagers Law

Yeagers Law book review by Shane

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Sorcerers Quest

Sorcerers Quest book review by Shane

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Tourists of the Apocalypse review by Shane

Tourists of the Apocalypse book review by Shane

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Running Bear Review by Shane

Running Bear review by Shane

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Threads review of Author Versus Author T1, R1, M11 by Shane

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Death in the Sunset

Death in the Sunset review by Shane

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The Dreams of Phillip Aisling and the Numinous Nagwaagan

The Dreams of Phillip Aisling and the Numinous Nagwaagan review by Shane

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Yeager's Mission

Yeager's Mission review by SHane

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Monkeyboy call for early readers and reviewers

Calling all LARC Fans! Interested in scoring a copy of the next Anki Legacies novel Monkeyboy early in exchange for a review? Email to get on the list.

No Distance to Run

No Distance to Run review by Shane

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Shane reacts to Cokers 2017 predictions

A KDP Select Indie Author’s reaction to Mark Coker’s 2017 Book Industry Predictions

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Where the Hell is Tesla?

Where the Hell is Tesla? book review by Shane

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Dotwav review by Shane

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The Alchemist's Box

The Alchemist's Box book review by Shane

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Goodreads Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to the Goodreads giveaway winners of a signed paperback copy of "A Paleolithic Fable"! I just dropped all ten copies into the post office and they should arrive to you by the end of next week!

Do you non winners want a consolation prize? Let me know you entered by emailing and I'll send you a free ebook copy in exchange for an honest review!

Thanks for reading!

Through the Portals: Author Versus Author

Through the Portals is part of the Author Versus Author Tournament. S Shane Thomas reviews the story

Continue reading "Through the Portals: Author Versus Author "

Shane's Book Reviews

Shane's Book Reviews. He reads Young Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action, Adventure, and Children's books.

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Want to write more? Meditate first.

That’s right. Holding still with your eyes closed and focusing on your breathing will help you write more. You have to write after you are finished though…

I began practicing Wim Hof Method breathing and cold exposure last April. While I was finishing drafting A Paleolithic Fable, I began incorporating the breathing component at the end of my 4 am to 7 am writing time. I did three sets of breathing and retentions every day before joining the real world. It felt great.

While listening to the Tim Ferriss show, Tim revealed over and over that highly successful people meditate in the morning, in some form or other. I had intermittently practiced deep breathing and mindfulness since I was in High School, but decided to commit fifteen minutes following my Wim Hof breathing. This is a practice Wim suggests as well.

When it came time for editing, I put all the meditation and breathing exercises together first thing (second only to setting the coffee pot to brew and freshening up). This practice has a deep impact on my productivity and interpersonal relationships, but enough about me. The editorial phase of my cycle is far more relaxed and less daily goal driven. I shift from writing a 1500 chapter each day to taking time to learn, fix, think, and reflect while attempting to perfect. It was beautiful.

All seasons end. Eventually Starbucks will put the pumpkin flavor back in the attic, sorry fall lovers! It came time to draft again, only now I had incorporated a half hour of meditation into that sacred space in my time. What if I couldn’t write the whole chapter in one sitting? Would I go back to breaking scenes between writing sessions? Would my chapters become unbearably short? Would I need to ditch the meditation?

Thankfully, all the meditation braced me against my staunch fear of changing routine. I tried it three times. Typically I need close to that three hours to get between 1200 and 1800 words on the page. Now I’ve increased productivity by 50%! I’ve been meeting my word count in record time. Every day I make it, in less time. Well, it’s really the same time, but with a very beneficial practice squeezed in. So I broke even? Only in terms of writing, and that’s not to count the intangibles. Adopting a healthy practice likely put me in front of the screen more days, since the quality of my life improved. I do need a healthy body to lug my brain around, after all. The additional benefits of Wim Hof Method breathing and meditation are endless, and documented by scientists. The only whaa whaa stuff comes later, as I craft stories of using mma moves on aliens and cavemen!

Give Wim a try and let me know what you think!

Continue reading "Want to write more? Meditate first."

An Exciting Twitter Project

So I've been avoiding Twitter for the past handful of years. First, Facebook was enough. Then Instagram was too much. Now, I'm bursting at the seems with touch points from the various social hubs.

I don't need another one.

I am intrigued by a game. Use 150 letters, numbers, marks, and empty spaces to move part of a story. Practice brevity, and train the mind against writers block by engaging "the voice" all throughout my day.

What story? The ultimate quest, of course! The drudgery, joy, and adventure of being a writer and becoming a great writer.

@S_Shane_Thomas on is where you can keep up on my game. I'll Make regular life in the real world the stuff of legends. My day, through the lens and voice of a delightful genre!

Is that Meta-fiction? Is it an embellished autobiography of banal? Is it fun to read?

You tell me.

Author Versus Author

Hi Everybody!

I've been talking with the Commissioner at about this unique competition.

It sounds like a fun way to collaborate with other writers and get exposure to new fans.

Writing friends, check it out, there are still slots available for the competition.

Readers, stay tuned and I'll update you with links when my entries are published and available.

This is just the opportunity that a martial arts bum turned author can sink his teeth into!

Continue reading "Author Versus Author"

Why we share stories

There is certainly something therapeutic about writing fiction. I think that the subconscious mind tells the narrative that becomes the story. I read Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking and the way Gladwell describes the super powers of the subconscious mind really mirrors my experience while drafting. I work off a bullet pointed list of maybe five actions per chapter and churn out 1500 words. Often, the story runs away from the plot. To encourage this spontaneity, I only plot about a quarter of a novel at a time.

I think the reason society shares stories has to do with our lives before society and its comfort zones. We used to live a life of constant danger and uncertainty. The subconscious mind was continually priming its conscious counterpart to take actions like run from the lion. When we were idle in the evenings, we discussed our near death experiences in order to vicariously learn to avoid danger. Now that our largest danger is that we don't challenge our bodies like we used to, the subconscious mind is ravenous for the vicarious experiences, just in case.

Listen To Free Sci Fi

LIsten to free sci fi with these narrated LARC adventures

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A Paleolithic Fable: LARC lands on!

LARC Scifi joins forces with to bring you A Paleolithic Fable

Continue reading "A Paleolithic Fable: LARC lands on!"

LARC Books in Local Bookstores

Check out the bookstores you can buy LARC titles in.

Continue reading "LARC Books in Local Bookstores"

LARC Transmissions

LARC Transmissions, a short story collection, will be available by April! It contains six tales (much longer than what is on this site) along with the 39 tales you may have read here. It will be available in paperback and ebook.

Check the LARC Facebook link for a cover reveal.

Current Projects

I'm plugging away on two follow up novels to "Distant Origins," one is a direct sequel, the other spins off into Earth's Stone Age. "A Paleolithic Fable" is available to read as I write on Wattpad and Jukepop, check out the link in the Navbar. The sequel is currently being written in secrecy. If you are anxious to get a sneak peek leave a comment for me below, on the homepage, or in my contact page. I'd love some fan input!

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