Etikraft part 1

by Paul Bentham

Humans on the LARC52 colonized world, New Earth, had adopted a myriad of values from the Alien race Core Element’s own leadership policies. It consisted of six Periodicals instead of a local and National Government. The Six periodicals controlled the main areas of planet New Earth that survived the near extinction of the human race. Section one: The Americas, Section2: The Caribbean, Section 3: Europe, Section4: The Middle East and Africa, Section 5: Asia, and Section 6: Australia and New Zealand. A senator was established to run each section, yet still appointed by local people via a voting system. Senator Oscar Trident was situated in the privileged part of St. Lucia. He ran a small campaign funded by his rich ex-wife, whose father was a previous Senator. Trident was corrupt in every way possible, dealing with sex shops and prostitution on the side. Under his employment was his legal assistant, William, a twenty five year old post graduate. Also in his employment was Marie a local girl, nineteen years of age from a less well to do family in St. Lucia. Even in his wildest of dreams, the fifty nine year old man would have never been able to acquire the attention of a girl with such physical beauty. With this in mind, the Senator constantly watched over her as she worked, her curvaceous hips, athletic thighs, and ample breasts, illuminated his obsession. Within the three months that she was under his employment, Trident had had succumbed to his desires, and flirted with her on numerous occasions, she had tactfully avoided his advancements, leading the Senator to thinking that she was playing games, and that she would eventually fall prey to his charms.

Trident held a party to celebrate his sixtieth birthday, an event coordinated with his friends, family members, and employees. Marie also attended. Throughout the evening he continued to flirt with her and drink copious amounts of champagne. Trident had acquired a security team from an industrial company called Etikraft, for his own personal safety. He was not immensely paranoid, but this was more of a precautionary measure. The security team or unit as described by Etikraft, were a group of Androids who’s sole purpose was to protect, the Senator from would be assailants. The Unit surrounded the apartment, two of them outside the kitchen, two in the garden area and another two in the hallway. The unit were much more than a deterrent, to would be terrorists, or a symbol of Tridents power, but standing over Eight feet tall, with titanium armour, loaded plazma rifles, and a concealed jet pack, they were a force to be reckoned with.

For a large part of the evening the group, resided in the main living space and balcony areas, Marie departed from the group to get a break from the group, contemplating on leaving altogether. Trident followed Marie into the kitchen, and gathered himself a drink.
‘’Are you having a nice time Marie? Is the party to your liking ‘’Trident questioned, leaning over her.

‘’Yes thankyou Mr TRIDENT, ‘’Marie replied.

‘’Mr Trident? You make me feel so old, and it’s my sixtieth, and I don’t need reminding!’’ It was an ironic statement since he recently added hair implants and stomach abb, modifiers to make him look younger!

‘’Please...... call me Oscar,” He added.

“Of course, Mr.......I mean Oscar,’’ Marie replied nervously.

Standing behind her, he ran his hands against her legs and thighs, and moaned as he did it.
‘’Mr Trident what are you doing?’’

‘’Now now, my little sweet, I told you to call me Oscar, and besides we both want this I’ve seen the way you look at me, all nervous and shy, but we both know I was the one that to make the first move!’’

He leant forward even more, pressing himself against her, he then kissed her, she moved her mouth, but he forced himself on her.

‘’Please Mr Trident no...’’Marie pleaded.

The guest that remained in the main living area of Trident’s apartment had heard the onset of commotion that had come from the kitchen, and had continued to sip their cocktails, their champagne, they were fully aware of the situation between Trident and Marie, and had concluded that it was a private matter that needed none of their involvement. Leading Trident to continue his efforts.

The Units were not taught to think, show compassion, or moral objectivity or to lie. So for agent 37609 to break from her formation was out of the ordinary. Hearing the activity inside the kitchen, series 37609 opened the door. Trident had continued to molest Marie, she tried to resist but he had overpowered her. She found herself across the kitchen table, Trident’s huge build towering over her, he held down her hands and spread her legs apart, with his legs behind hers. He undid the belt of his trousers, and let them plummet to his feet. As the door swung open, Trident attention swayed.

‘’Get the hell out of here, ya damn robot!’’ Shocked and somewhat embarrassed.

‘’Stop harming the female, Trident!’’37609 replied, slowly approaching the senator and his secretary.

“Mind your own damn business and get the hell out of here!’’ Trident retorted.

‘’You are engaging in an act without the female’s consent, please desist!’’ Standing a clear three feet taller than the senator. There was a level of assertiveness in the Android voice, some would assume was anger, but with the digitally masked faces which neither changed expression nor altered in anyway. It would be arrogant to assume any emotion was present.

‘What do you mean?, Cha what do you know ,you just a dumb robot! You’re property, property doesn’t have an opinion!’’He stepped away slightly from Marie.

‘’Are you okay Marie Parker?’’The android asked, it had a basic level of human emotional etiquette training.

‘’Please help’’ Marie pleaded.

The Android welded the door with a blow torch concealed in her armour. 37609 was aware that her fellow unit would enter to protect the Senator, this was would give her some time. Trident continued to make his stand and hold on to Marie adamant that he was in the right.
‘’What the hell are you doing you damn robot? Get the hell out of here,” he said, pulling up his trousers and preparing himself to engage in combat with the droid.

‘’You leave me no choice.’ ’The Android gathered several pieces of kitchen furnishings such as the fridge table and chairs and wedged them against the door. She rushed over to Trident, he grabbed a knife and moved to strike the Android. The droid knocked the blade out of his hand, and grabbed hold of Trident, the droid held him in the air, lifting him three feet off the ground.

‘’Put me down, how dare piece of tin junk, your my property, do as I say, put me down!’’ Fear corroded his pride and pitch of voice.

‘’Very well then.’ ’The android dropped him on the floor, spraining both of his ankles.
Trident screamed with agony, neither the droid nor Marie showed any compassion for this.
The door burst open, pulse rifles and grenades blew debris everywhere it was a miracle no one was hurt. Smoke followed, and the rest of the unit came through, five androids aimed their weapons at 37609.

‘’Series 37609 you are under arrest for discontinuing you orders ,and for causing actual bodily harm to a human,’’ unit leader one retorted.

‘’Indeed’’37609 replied and looked up towards the glass ceiling rooftop, a series of estimations arose on her visual display as she calculated an escape plan, two side panels opened above her hips, and two metal wings emerged along with a jet-pack on her back she took off leaving behind more glass and debris. Marie remained frozen and several droids came to her and Tridents aid.

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Etikraft part 2

by Paul Bentham

Plasma rifles followed her from the unit she was rushing away from as she took to the skylines highway, where cars met trams, and holographic adverts were all the range. The unit came in hot pursuit, having acquired a proficiency of skills in field training, the android was able to manoeuvre through the waves of sonic blast, unharmed. She had defter senses than her unit being a newer-model and upgraded with the latest software. They called out to her to stop flying, but she carried on regardless without firing back, shot after shot, and round after round. One shot would have merely stunned her, the second shot would have slowed her down and a third shot would have caused her to crash and or explode. After several minutes the CEO of Etrikraft, who was aware of 307609’S actions had asked the unit leader for a report, it was unacceptable for a company android to disobey its orders and hurt a human in it’s charge.307609 had to be brought in one way or another.

‘’Unit leader one, what is your position on the target?’’ The CEO enquired in a firm assertive tone.

‘’Still in pursuit, sir,’’ Unit 1 replied.

‘’And Trident?’’The CEO responded.

‘’Two sprained ankles, sir, but nothing critical.’’

‘’Well, I suppose that’s something, but this needs to be contained Unit leader one, your efforts are to be commended, but I’m going to send in core element Radax Mento.

A handful of core Elements had set up residency on New Earth, to safe guard the planet’s well-being. Radax Mento was a lead bounty on his home planet of Corimax and was able to hunt the most lethal of prey in whatever the conditions may be. He was an odd looking beast with an almost walnut shaped head and beady eyes with orange complexion, with a slight but athletic building standing just under seven feet tall.

Within minutes of arrival, his cruiser locked onto the androids matter and fired rapidly. There was no warning, there was no single fire shots, the concussion shots came in hard and fast. Mento had his orders, lock on to the target, with extreme prejudice. Once more the android out maneuvered the fire from his unit, but in the next instance, taking into account Mento’s ship as well, that was also firing at her. The alien cruiser, was sleek, light and fast, whoever it was she questioned, would be a challenge to her skills. The chase moved out of the highway and outwards the small villages and across mountains, past the sea and the ocean. Mento began to lose patience, normally a pursuit such as this would have simulated a conclusion by this stage, and was curious as to why the droid did not fire back. Mento launched a new weapon from his silver cruiser, the Neutralizer, a percussion of lazer protons, which detonated a set of bombs on impact. The unit co-ordinated their fire with that of the alien’s cruisers. As the android spun to avoid fire from the unit, the neutralizer’s Protons caught its left wing. Rays from the unit continued and hit the android’s second wing, 307609 came hurtling down to a beach head, two hundred feet below, its emergency settings slowed down the fall, and it’s afterburners caught out the fire. But it was critically wounded.

The unit and Mento followed her down to the beachfront were she slowly crawled to make a retreat. Mento showed no mercy. 307609 pre-empted that these would be her final moments. She contemplated whether or not it was worth it, she was an android she had no real understanding of mortality, but knew there was no logic in her actions, but calculated that she had prevented the rape of an innocent girl, the droid was assured Marie would be taken care of. The alien switched rifles, the unit watched carefully, not they had any concern over the extinguishment of one of their kind, but if Radox was in charge at the scene and his authority was to not be questioned. Mento fired a shot, and array of light unlike it’s plazma protons was released! It encased the Android, its rays disempowered the robot from making any movement , the net lifted the droid from the beaches surface and transported the android to the alien’s ship.
Etikraft, the leading organisation of industrial products on New Earth, deemed the Android as defective and had to be recalled for deconstruction. Due to the pursuit, it’s media coverage had made it a public affair. The actions of the 307609 droid, was a public embarrassment to the company, and had damaged its reputation immensely. Etikraft spent millions of credits promoting the droids safety, and the company were more than likely going to have to recall all of the units to be reprogrammed or to be deconstructed. But for one individual, this was a personal grief. Professor Haulk created the 307 series, he deemed 609 as a sentient being, with emotional intelligence and reasoning. Faulk perceived the elimination of the droid as an execution.

The hearing was set in the quiet residential part of Section One: Los Angeles. The court house itself was a huge steel building, meant as a symbol of justice of how much humans had moved on and evolved since New Earth’s near destruction. The court room was very much a vast empty space, cold and full of silver almost replicating kitchen form a cantina of a correctional facility. It had a few rows for seating and Holographic projectors used for digital evidence display. There was still much the same judicial system, a Prosecuting lawyer, the Defence Lawyer, but with one Core Element official used as a Judge. There analytical, rational and impartial advice, was seen as detrimental to making a true and fair verdict, due to their heightened reasoning cortex.

Prosecutor Eliah Wonkeua from the America’s was the first to question Android 609, as she took to the stand.

‘’So Android 307609, can you tell me why you a need to enter the kitchen of Senator Trident’s establishment?’’

‘’As seen in the display unit, the female was under distress, I entered the kitchen to answer her call,’’609 answered with conviction.

‘’But surely your main duty was to protect the Senator at all costs!’’

‘’Yes that was my duty, but also my role is to assess, I presumed that if there was a distress from the female, then possibly the senator was in peril also’’

But your role is not presume you are an android, with a task to protect the senator from threat,’’ the Prosecutor replied.

‘’But to protect logic would dictate you need to make decisions,’’ the android replied indignantly, if she was human there would have been an expression of arrogance.
‘’Yes but your decision was a wrong one, you failed to protect the senator you caused him actual bodily harm, you failed in your duty, and that is why you are on trial today, because you did not do your job series 307609’’

‘’I disobeyed my mandate because Trident was raping a woman half his age and half his size!’’

‘’But it was not your decision to make!...........sense the defiance ,your honour, not only is this android disobedient but reckless’’ the Prosecutor continued.

‘’Permit me to speak, your honour,’’ Professor Faulk man spoke from the crowd, standing tall and slim with long wavy hair.

The Core Element nodded his head, and allowed the man to come forward and approach the dock. He appreciated the logic in allowing the professor to give evidence, he knew the case was to be a difficult one, and hoped the professor would shed more light on the subject.
‘’My name is Gam Faulk, I am the chief programmer of the 307, Model A series. We developed a sophisticated system which not only leant itself to a prestigious military combat programme, but with some basic core moral code compliance. In most cases we found that these droids were able to incorporate such basic tendencies such as good manners, and safety awareness.

The lead prosecutor became impatient.

‘’And what has this to do with the incident on the 12th March, there is a difference between saying please and thank you.’’

The callousness of the Prosecutor drove Gam beyond despair, this was his life work, his reputation that was on the line, but not only that, truth be told, he had a personal connection with the droid.

‘’Yes of course there is, but it’s more complicated than that the moral guidance system allowed the android, to develop a consciousness, causing it to act irrationally as it may seem to go beyond what was necessary, for the android to negate her duties, for the android to assess danger, to protect the weak and innocent.’’

‘’But with all that being said and done, the android disobeyed its orders,’’ the Prosecutor exclaimed!

“We plea for the deconstruction of this droid.’’

‘’Enough,’’ The judge stepped in, “We will adjourn for today and tomorrow after reviewing all the information, I will give you my verdict.”

Everyone in the courtroom had to wait uneasy thirty minutes before the Judge returned to the courtroom to give his verdict. He adjusted his chair many times before giving his verdict.

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Etikraft part 3

by Paul Bentham

‘’I have reviewed the evidence and to be fair, I have discussed this case with some colleagues from my colony due to its complex nature, and the many factors included within. I agree with the lead prosecutor on many levels, 307609, you disobeyed your mandate, you neglected your duties, and caused the Senator actual bodily harm. But on the other hand I adhere to the level of consciousness presented in the droid, the moral ambiguity of the situation, and let’s not forget this ladies and gentlemen, Trident overpowered a young woman, and I observe the abuse of power,... which in it’s own terms is a very serious crime, and no one, is free from reprise! Trident has been arrested and will be tried at a later stage. But back to the matter at hand,’’ the judge turned his gaze towards 609.
‘’In light of the evidence presented before me, I believe that the punishment of deconstruction is in appropriate, without the intervention of 307609 the young woman could have sustained life threatening injuries, and would have been raped, which in no uncertain terms is unacceptable.....and as I have mentioned the droids crimes cannot go unpunished either.307609 you are presented with a mission to redeem yourself, you are to be sent to the 21st century to eliminate this man.’’

A holographic image displayed a man in his forties black with shaven hair, scars and a muscular build.

‘’Pierre George was a psychotic terrorist who was responsible for the deaths of over five thousand people. Your mission is to travel back in time to New Los Angeles and to eliminate him, the day before he plants a bomb in the New Los Angeles metro station, which will kill thousands. This is not a request, more an opportunity to do good and rectify your actions. It is, however, a one way trip, via the time frequency modulation unit, you will remain until the end of your days in that century, if you refuse this request, you will be eliminated’’

‘’It may be inconsequential, but I accept,’’ the droid replied. The silence in the courtroom was unnerving, it was an unexpected decision made by both the alien and the droid, but one that could be argued with either.
The time frequency modulation was a replica of a gothic medieval clock tower, grand and magnificent, and tormenting. The base of the tower was in a dark room, with a series of electrodes and a console unit, to manage the time machine and orchestrate the traveller to their destination. The tower out reached the building of an alien construct. The core Elements had kept time travel a secret from humans for their own good, they feared such a device could not be trusted amongst humans, but in cases such as these, discretion was appropriate. Security, both alien and android, were in abundance to pervade an escape by 37 609, and also to stop humans making too many observations of the technology. Many individuals from Etikraft made an appearance to ensure the operation went according to plan.

As the technicians had conducted their safety checks, Professor Gam Faulk had entered the room, all but to say a fond farewell to one of his creations.

‘’Are we ready to commence the procedure?’’A militant CEO from Etikraft questioned.
‘’Yes,” answered a nervous and young technician.

‘’Then we commence the transmission in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, initiate Alpha sub frequencies, main frame alliance, sector 3, Interim section 2, final sector 1. Summarise electrode infiltration.




A series of buttons were pushed by two other lab technicians and electricity plummeted down from two overhead projectors that surrounded the base of the tower. The procedure would have been excruciatingly painful for a human to endure, this was of no consequence for 307609.The Android merely observed the electrodes around her and concluded that no damage was detected. Her creator looked in awe and wonder at the scene that played before him, but at the same time wept for the fate of his one of creations, then within a flash 37609 was gone.

The lights stopped and the Android found herself in complete darkness, in alley in one of the side streets of New LA. Drury and desolate and unlike the New Los Angeles she was aware of, it had to be the past, her digital scanners confirmed it. Readings also came up on her retina that she was two hundred metres away from the target. North of the alley, building 406 the’’ Mitre club’’ was where the terrorist, Pierre George was to be found.

She proceeded towards her destination, a tall and heavily set door man was alarmed at her presence. Taking note of the androids physical presence, his eyes widened, but still felt the need to ask her for identification as if there was a remote chance that he could stop her. She disempowered him immediately and made her way through to the club. 609 approached the VIP section. Amazingly, countless clubbers in her path gave her way of passage out of shock. More security men came having found the unconscious form of their colleague. With an adept twist, turns, throws, and high kicks, she dispatched them also. They fell ungracefully, knocked over like tiny skittle bottles.

609 approached George who was surrounded by five security guards.

‘’What the mother frack are you waiting for? Shoot it!’’ George exclaimed.

They began shooting, and after two rounds they stopped as they realised the bullets were not taking effect and watched them all ricochet off the Android and into the direction of the clubbers. George moved from his seat and began to run. George was intimated, he had attempts made on his life on numerous occasions, which he had dealt with, with ease, but naturally, this was different. He had assumed that his assassin was more than he could deal with, and survival was his only victory. His guards began to shoot again, with a large velocity of commitment. 609 got out her automated plazma rifle gun and shot each of them down with precision. George continued to run knocking over the scantily clad clubbers who got in his path, who started to depart from the scene, blood scattered in every vicinity as screams and panic covered the club. The DJ had inadvertently scratched one of his records beyond repair, and collected his equipment in a rush. All of the club’s security where dispersed, as too where George’s goons. There was no one to stand in 609’s path of eliminating George. The android searched for George and as the crowd slowly cleared, some clubbers were still making their way to the exit of the club, as was George. 609 had made attempts to not shoot bystanders when George was in clear site, she shot him in the knee, George fell to the ground screaming with pain.

‘’What the Mother frack do you want?’’ George panted uneasily, trying to catch what he assumed would be his last breaths, she had him in his sights, he had been shot, and there was no escape.

‘’Nothing I’m here out of duty!’’609 stated with clear, cold accuracy.

‘’Duty? What the frack?’’ George exclaimed.

‘’I’m here to eliminate you, to save the life of others, you human scum!’’ As she raised her gun and shot endless rounds of plasma proton to his head, his head splatted blood instantly as his body fell to the ground. There was no joy or sadness in her sensors, she had just realized that she had completed her mission.

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