A Paleolithic Fable


LARC Sci Fi takes a turn toward high fantasy in the second full length project by author S Shane Thomas. Following Rakshasa, the novelette published in LARC Transmissions, Bobby Rogers follows a pair of renegade ancient Anki into Earth's Stone Age to secure the fate of humanity.

Multiple points of view give the reader access to the psyche of prehistory’s many sentient species twisting along one adventure. A Paleolithic Fable blends archaeology and cryptozoology into high fantasy.

Five races of Stone Age human must join a LARC1 colonist who raced through time into Earth's prehistory to stop two magic wielding Anki from destroying every race of human except the giant cannibal Ghostkin race.

 Reviews are in! Check out what Leenna Naidoo said about A Paleolithic Fable on her blog. Follow this link for A Paleolithic Review! 

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About S Shane Thomas Shane’s first college class was Archaeology 101. When he learned that so many tool bearing hominins coexisted his mind latched to Tolkien’s vision of Middle Earth. The he imagined the exhilarating time on Earth when men really had encountered other sentient beings before. The thought was so enticing, it temporarily pulled him down from space.

Sketch of Thokmay by Chad Gomez

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