Yeager’s Mission *****
By Scott Bell

I was in the mood for a book full of gunfights, chase scenes, and tough guys. Yeager’s Mission delivered on all fronts! I jumped into this story without listening to the first Abel Yeager book and don’t think I missed anything relevant to this plot. That said, I wouldn’t mind listening to the first on audiobook during my next road trip.

I grew up in the Phoenix area in Arizona, so all the desert landscape scenes really gave me some nostalgic moments. The narration by J. Scott Bennett was a seamless match to the landscape and the characters. I caught myself more than once over the past weeks while going through this adventure muttering about groupo Verdugo in my very best Mexican accent. Thankfully, my wife didn’t catch me muttering, she likes to tease.

I received an audiobook ARC from the author, but let me suggest, Dear Reader, than this thriller is worth your cash! I usually like my action wrapped in the cloak of space travel or dragon slaying, but sometimes I reset my palate with a pure action thriller. My go to is Clive Cussler. Now I can also count on Scott Bell and the Abel Yeager Thriller series.

Abel is a tough retired marine drill sergeant. Along with his friend Victor, a fellow veteran and helicopter pilot, and a couple extra tough guys, Yeager faces off against a Mexican drug Cartel that is starving supplies out of a Mission in the sticks. There are sick people and adorable orphans to protect from the worst kind of thugs.

Scott Bell’s work is well polished. The acknowledgements mention his writing workshop, Scribophile, and I declared, “Of course!” I have done most of my workshopping through Critters, but I used Scribophile for a couple months to double up and run something by my peers while another book was in the Critters workshop. I love being an indie writer and reading the good works of other indie authors. I am also incredibly particular about which indie books I complete and review. Some indies simply don’t take the time to learn and apply good grammar and the use of dialogue and description. Some indie books are pretty bad. The word is Independent Author, not amateur author. We compete with traditionally published professionals with a team supporting their books. It is unfair to readers to deliver an inferior story, especially if the concept sounds great and it’s a simple matter of developing your skills by peer review. My TBR list is nearly empty because I just set down five ebooks that just didn’t make the grade.

There are a number of points of view in the story and by the ending I saw that each was important to the larger story and woven in quite well. There were no loose plot devices to be left wondering about. Except for a certain someone whom I think will emerge in Yeager’s future and bring a grudge! 

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