Yeager's Law *****
by Scott Bell

Abel Yeager finds himself driving a Peterbilt tractor trailer barely covering the bank loan and insurance payment necessary to keep him on the road. At an Alabama rest stop, Yeager finds his must use his Marine Corps training on a gang of hijackers looking to steal his rig. Charley is a beautiful bookstore owner with a hand cannon tucked into her purse. She swoops in, save Yeager’s skin, and he catches her eye.

I listened to this action packed audiobook, which I had the good fortune of receiving a free audible code for, in only a few sittings. Scott Bell mixed well-paced action with a good amount of plot threads, woven smoothly, without any odd bits left sticking out. We readers are presented a blend of action, mystery, and romance and I enjoyed the blend.

At first approach there may seem like a steep number of antagonists, but it turns out that some of the bad guys are working against others and their actions are what drive part of the plot.

Narration of the audiobook was great. J Scott Bennett has a wide range of believable voices and delivered a great performance. I’ve heard other books he’s narrated and I’m a bit shocked by how different they sound.

It was a lot of fun listening to this story on the interstate, looking over at some of the tractor trailers and their drivers that could fit Yeager’s description and wondering which of them might contain sixty million dollars of drug money headed for a Mexican cartel.  Despite the varied players all gunning for the loot, I found this action novel very believable and I’ll bet this sort of double crossing really happens.  I imagine that our heroes Yeager and Charley are a bit luckier than any real people who would find themselves wrapped up in this kind of action, but who wants to read about the guy who almost saved the day?

I’ve already listened to the audiobook Yeager’s Mission, which is another Abel Yeager adventure, so I’m looking forward to Bell’s third installment.  Any fan of Clive Cussler, ready to root for a working class hero, would enjoy Yeager’s Law. There are gun fights, bad guys who deserve the bullets, and a couple characters whose shades of gray leave you wondering.

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