Where the Hell is Tesla? *****
by Rob Dircks

This book is hilarious! I had the good fortune of receiving an ARC of the audiobook and it got me through two days of day job drudgery. Like Chip, our hero (of sorts), I was immersed in the ghost of office past. Unlike Chip, my old office stuff was engineering notes from before the dawn of computers. I sifted through them desperate for businesses who used to by the company’s stuff, stopped, didn’t go out of business, and hopefully forgot why they went to the competition.

Chip had a much better find. The journal of Nikola Tesla! Yup the mad scientist that invented alternating current electricity. He drags his buddy Pete into the long forgotten ITA, interdimensional… something or other, that leads the duo into a hallway that serves as a portal to all the varied worlds in the multiverse.  The guys discover pretty quick that there’s no place like home, and just as quick that they aren’t sure how to get back. They make unlikely alliances with a little gray alien, a very thin genius, and Tesla himself in attempt to first get home but ultimately save all of the multiverse.

Rob Dircks is hilarious in his debut novel! Chip’s misadventures through science fiction stand shoulder to shoulder with the adventures of Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If anyone I share an office hall with didn’t already think I’m nuts, sudden bursts of laughter and audible replies to Dircks’s gags sank any notions they may hold of my sanity. No regrets, except that I still have one pre computer era file cabinet to rummage through and no story left. Dircks even resurrects a gag older than pop culture, runs with it, and own it.

Aside from the humor, Chip learns a bit about altruism and a lot about love. Like the old saying goes, “You never know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it.” The novel is a series of Chip’s emails to his Julie, his longtime girlfriend who he dumped two months before entering the ITA (hallway to the multiverse). While discovering all the different things that his life and world could have been Chip realizes that the very best thing was his relationship. It is the driving force that leads to his personal growth and provides the slacker the courage necessary to save himself, the multiverse, and everything.

Rob Dircks narrated his own audiobook and did an outstanding job! I’ve already listened to his second novel The Wrong Unit, you can read my review here. I can’t wait for his next book.

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