Trust a Few: Haruspex Trilogy Book 1*****
By E.M. Swift-Hook

This book makes a great launch point into the Fortune’s Fools series if you’ve missed the Transgressor Trilogy because our man Avilon has amnesia! After five long years serving on a suicide squad called the Special Legion, mysterious forces cut Avilon loose into a civilian life he’s never known. To top things off, it’s in gangland, Starcity, a place run by organized crime. He’s on the hunt for the guy who helped turn him from mind wiped naïve killing machine to the guy who well, wants his only friend back.

There are some brief bits about the real Antagonist, the force that I think is tugging the chain on all of Fortune’s Fools. The first trilogy certainly has the chops to stand on its own, but now we get to see that there is a big picture and I’m happy to see that Swift-Hook drew inspiration not only from Hebert’s Dune, as evidenced in books one through three, but that Asimov’s foundation may have inspired the job that Avilon Revid performed with Big Baddie prior to the series. Future Data is crunched to create a sort of scientific storytelling that this series handles with subtlety and grace. There is a very big name in the genre that I’ve sworn off due to their tactless and neurotic insistence that children plot things thirty steps ahead. Boring! Write a scene, darn it! 

I just imagine their Protag sitting still, muttering to themselves while these fantastical calculations occur. No thanks, buy Swift-Hook’s books instead.

I’m a Swift-Hook fanboy, just wanted to put it out there. I got a free copy of this lovely story in exchange for my review. Then I road tripped with it! My parents came a callin’ from the Southwest and I had a great time driving them from Western Pennsylvania to Connecticut and listening to this story. My dad is a fan because I bought him the first trilogy in paperback. Mommy fell asleep at first because I use eReader Prestigio to listen to the GPS lady read ebooks over a Bluetooth connection in my Jeep. Yes, it has a fob too, like a Voltron Lion, because I live in the FRACKING FUTURE! Anyhow, Pop and I loved the book. Mom got over the sleepy hurdle while taking in lovely fall foliage in the rolling hills of the Northeast US. I wouldn’t be surprised if she found Pop’s books and caught up with the series, even though she’s more of a Nancy Drew gal.

I won’t say who this book is for, honestly, this series is my go to recommendation. If you read books that don’t suck and haven’t started on Fortune’s Fools, you are falling behind. Mosey on over to LARC-SciFi(dot)com and check out all my Fortune’s Fools reviews and look at the page called Writer Battle. Swift-Hook graciously let me rewrite a Fortune’s Fools short story called Doubled Spirit into Writer Battle: The Grind. Both versions are available for free there.

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