Transient *****
By Zachry Wheeler

Wheeler went someplace new in the world of vampire fiction! Transient reverses the roles of vampires and humans. Jonas blends into the world of the Eternals despite the fact that he’s still mortal. When the time comes for the last remnants of humanity to strike back and save their planet, where will his loyalty lie? With the Eternals in their Utopian society or with his people and their faith?

Not only was Wheeler’s world building creative, but article exerts from the various handbooks used by the citizens of this Earth after the rule of humanity keep the reader up to speed without bogging down the story itself with info dumps. I liked this strategy. Wheeler also cleverly used the breaks to build suspense.

I ran into a Facebook post in a group I love called Scifi Roundtable and it linked to a free ebook of Transient on Amazon. I love free books and the pressure of a hefty TBR pile, but this one is worth full price. Go buy, I won’t be offended if you don’t finish my review. You can touch base with me again for another recommendation at LARC-SciFi(dot)com after you’ve enjoyed Wheeler’s world.

Also thanks to Wheeler and all authors who do not use DRM. I listened to the .mobi of this book through Bluetooth on the app eReader Prestigio, but the GPS lady won’t read DRM activated titles. Yeah, I get it nay-sayers, you don’t want people stealing your stuff. People that pirate something can still leave reviews for one, and for two, you aren’t going to get paid from that market whether they read your book or someone else’s. My books are DRM free, so I’m not just ranting theory here.

I like a book that doesn’t need good characters versus evil characters. I found myself sympathizing with either side of the conflict at different parts of the story.

I’d like a sequel.

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