Times of Change (Transgressor 2)*****
By E.M. Swift-Hook

Plunge deep into character development in this second installment of the Transgressor Trilogy! Swift-Hook keeps the pressure on for Avilon, Jariq, and Durban as they enter Harkera and prepare to face the wrath of a tyrant’s army. Durban’s past had some awesome reveals. I did not see a certain betrayal until it sprang off the page on me, either. This trilogy keeps getting better.

As with any good volume two, we realize in Times of Change that the stakes are much higher, and destinies seem closer twined. I’m so pumped to get through the third book, I’ve chosen to speed things along by listening to it with eReader Prestigio and the vocal talents of the GPS lady.

I received ebook copies of the trilogy in exchange for honest reviews. I’m enjoying the series so much that I bought the trilogy in paperback for my dad. He got me into scifi and fantasy to begin with and I like to get him books for presents to pay him back because I borrowed the Wheel of Time series from him for a decade. That was partially my and partially Robert Jordan’s fault, those things are huge! Anyhow, Dad said he likes how things get going right away. He’ll probably finish before me, but I hope not because his synopsis can often include the ending!

People who enjoyed the Dune series, love character driven stories, or Space Opera in general are in for a great read. Hear about my other reviews @S_Shane_Thomas.

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