Threads (Author Versus Author) *****
by Michea Bonilla and Leah Ruth Hart

These two authors really did a great job taking up where the other left off! The story reads like a fluid piece of work. There are discernable differences between Bonilla and Hart’s writing style and I did chose who I would have picked as a winner, but would not like to share those opinions.

I bought this short story in order to scope the competition. I am in this tournament also and if I move on, may face this match’s winner in later rounds. For that reason I will not comment on either author’s writing style. Instead this review will focus on the delivery of the story.

Dustin wakes up from a head injury to discover that he isn’t exactly the same as before. An accident he can’t remember has enabled him to see threads growing out of other people. He soon discovers that each thread is grown when someone keeps a secret. Then he pulls one!

Justin’s search for truth takes unexpected turns as he encounters his mother, father, crazy uncle, and girlfriend.  Each chapter brought something interesting to the story and I get the feeling that these two likely didn’t even get frustrated by the developments written by the other author.

It’s a lot of fun seeing how these matches are getting sorted out! Stay tuned, not everyone gets along as well as these talented writers have.

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