Star Wars (Fate of the Jedi #9) Apocalypse ***
by: Troy Denning

I’d like to start by saying that is a great space fantasy action book.

I don’t mind reading one part in the middle of a series, especially if it’s an audiobook from the public library. My main criteria is that the book has its own plot with a beginning and an ending. Denning satisfied that requirement in Apocalypse.

The reason I didn’t award more stars is a difference in opinion about Jedi and Sith and their emotions. Perhaps I’ve missed something in the series that takes the New Jedi Order into a comfort zone with the force that the film characters, and Dark Horse Comics Dawn of the Jedi graphic novels don’t go. So I guess I’m only taking a snapshot of Denning’s work with Star Wars and forming an opinion.

 In defense of that opinion, the title start with Star Wars, I drink coffee from a Darth Vader mug and dress my toddler up like an Eewok when its NOT Halloween. Some of my earliest childhood memories are babysitters putting a VHS tape of Return of the Jedi on to watch. Jedi master their emotions, Sith cultivate power within their passion, I know that better than the Pledge of Allegiance. It wasn’t always inaccurate, and the Jedi often overcame their dilemma.

People who meditate often enjoy a bit of isolation from the immediacy of emotion, it’s still there, but more in the background, allowing their rational thoughts to prevail. Anakin never mastered his emotions, that led to his turn to Sith. Luke was baited into anger in The Empire Strikes Back, but he lost that fight, and went back into training. Then in Return of the Jedi, Luke had mastered his emotions and was able to enact a plan that eventually succeeded in rescuing Anakin back from the dark side (SPOILER ALERT!).  

Like I said, aside from that, which sat funny with me, this was a very fun adventure story. One Jedi made a valiant sacrifice that made me weepy. Luke, Leah, and Han all play pretty good roles and I think Denning portrayed them very well.

The plot revolves around political intrigue that gives a galaxy far, far away a very close to home feel.

This story does not follow the events in episode 7. I’m okay with that. I wonder how the careers of writers like Mr. Denning will be impacted by the new films. Did their access to Star Wars license change? I’m curious, but not enough to research. Please share a link or answer in the comments if you know.

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