Sorcerer's Quest ****
by Rain Oxford

Aiden is a boy who lives in a world full of magic. There are a dozen forms of magic and each user has only one kind. Sorcerers use magic for selfish reasons, wizards use magic for the good of society, seers can look into the future, and so on. He is the last child in a family of Sorcerers and the only one who can’t get evil doing down.

Aiden makes a new friend and mentor, Merlyn, who is trapped in the form of a wolf, unable to use his own magic, but able to communicate telepathically only with Aiden. He embarks on a quest to prove himself to his family, but instead ends up discovering who he truly is.

I enjoyed listening to this middle grade fantasy adventure that I received a free audible code for while driving home from the snowy mountains of Upstate New York. The concept of pure goodness and ultimate evil have fascinated me since I was a boy. Personally I think that nearly everyone falls somewhere in between the two and thinks of themselves as the hero of their own life adventure. To explore what it means to make either altruistic or selfish decisions in a fantasy for kids, tweens, thirty something dudes on long car rides, etc is an excellent idea and Oxford did a fine job of it.

I’m going to keep this on queue and listen to it again with my nine year old son. I know he’ll enjoy it.

Narration for the audiobook was from a performer whose work I’ve recently grown pretty familiar with, J Scott Bennett. He did an amazing job, as usual, but I can’t believe it was the same guy I heard on adult action novels! His ability to create unique character voices and even narrative voices is top notch! I found myself listening for certain inflections to confirm that it was actually the same guy.

Oxford has at least two more books in this series and I’m glad I’ve finally caught up on my book reviews because I want to listen on!

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