Set the Sky on Fire *****
by LK Walker

This book reads like a paranormal romance, except that it is bursting with creative beings and superpowers. I think Walker has done an excellent job of creating two warring species and displaying their strengths and weaknesses compared to humanity. Then there is Ari. An almost normal high school girl whose emotional sensitivity is actually a superpower that can move the herds of humanity in her presence. What an awesome and original concept!

Like I mentioned before, I felt like I was reading one of Cassandra Clare’s awesome stories, a paranormal romance with enough action and intrigue to keep macho guy reader types (me) around too. However Walker has done her pregame work and created new nonhumans! I think it puts We the Reader some place new. Genre fiction is the best. Books that take elves down a Tolkien-esk road, or a Stoker-ish monster hunt, or boldly go on a Trek are right up my alley. What makes one even better is if the author can also show us new non-human people. Seethers and Sentinals are great. One group loves humans and just wants to get along. The other group feeds their super powered rage with humanity’s pain and suffering. I can’t even think of any fictional species that has played on emotions becoming a parasitic baddie’s food. Truly impressive show of creativity.

There was a part I won’t ruin where the heroic hunk meets a woman in front of our hero, Ari and she is mortified that ALL women are turned on around him! The context and delivery were hilarious. My wife asked me what was so funny because I was LOL-ing, but really, not some pathetic cliché for the under-funny…

I received a free ebook copy and was so pleased that I gave it a chance! As anyone who follows my reviews knows, I mostly read stuff I get for free or from the library. Am I cheap? Yeah. Also reviews are tremendously important! You don’t have to be a long-winded blow hard like me to help out, either. If you really liked a book, do the author a favor and write a few sentences describing why it was cool. Book retailers display indie authors according to the number of reviews their title receives. Your VOICED opinion matters.  I write and sell books too, and I can safely say that if you review you are the best reader out of fifty or a hundred.

I hope Walker continues this story into a series, there is certainly room for it.

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