Running Bear (Wounded Warriors Book 1) *****
by Kit Fawkes

Wyatt is an army veteran dealing with PTSD. To make matters worse, he’s a bear shape shifter who is trying to deny his wild side. Gillian is his lifelong mate, but brings out the bear in him. Wyatt tries hiding away from life and Gillian until his past threatens to kill them both.

Warning! This is only for grown-ups. There are a couple pretty graphic love scenes. There was a tasteful amount of dirty talk in each one. I scratched my head a bit at one particular piece of the action, but the world is a big place, full of things I’ve never seen before! Both scenes were well timed and enhanced the story. I was driving on the highway alone while listening to an ARC copy of the audiobook, and I found myself glancing out the windows like I was about to get caught! Not my usual fare, but who doesn’t like a romp in the daisies now and then?

It was nice that there was a paranormal element and a relationship that was about adults rather than teens. I think the teen love thing has definitely been overdone. Especially some ancient vampire that looks young fawning over sixteen year old girls. That guy must have never read a book, taken a class, or had life experiences if he found someone so naïve made a compatible partner. Yuck. Wyatt and Gillian were school sweethearts that stayed engaged during his entire military service, they had a refreshing dynamic in this neck of the genre.

I like the whole military group that Wyatt was involved in. It made for a very interesting plot and ended out with plenty of room for sequels. I just scanned the author on Goodreads and see a ton of shapeshifter books, but I think this is the only one in the series so far, makes sense since it was just published four months before my reading/ listening.

This was a short novel and I listened to the whole thing at once. I imagine the ebook version takes most people less than a week to get through. The paperback would make a lousy doorstop.

I hope to see more books in the Wounded Warriors series soon.

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