River of Time: Shiva XIV book 4*****
By Lyra Shanti

Time to dive into the genre’s danger zone…Time travel! Bum bum buuum! Don’t worry folks, Shanti delivers. I know. I worried too. Time travel episodes are the black eye nearly all my favorite scifi shows take. I was just wildly disappointed by Dark Matter’s time travel episode, in fact. Anyhow, no one unravels all the story we’ve witnessed so far, and nothing implausible is conveniently dumped in our laps. It’s just our favorite shapeshifting cat person meeting the family.

Baron is a dog! Hardly any better than his father! I’m resisting the urge to rant here because I don’t like to drop spoilers into reviews. Let’s just say that if our President pulled something like that, it would be a prison sentence.

Ayn has contracted the same disease that killed his mother and struggles to fulfill his destiny in spite of that and in spite of his damaged bond with Axis. He’s also facing something personally scary and stressful, family planning. Anyone who has struggled with fertility and with pregnancies can agree that can feel like the whole world is at stake. This issue brings this far away galaxy very near to home.

Reincarnation is a theme in this book that I enjoyed. The notion that our problems will circle around to bite us from behind is one of the main reasons I work at being awesome. We all should follow the example set for by William S Preston, Esquire, and Ted Theodore Logan and “Be excellent to each other.”

I loved the big end battle! It was every bit as Epic as the Shiva XIV story itself.

I received a free copy of this book and I voluntarily wrote this review. There is no shadowy figure calling the shots. Only my wife tells me what to do and that has nothing to do with what I read, lol! Instead of paying, I humbly offer a something of greater personal value. My time. That’s right folks, I value my time immensely and I wouldn’t waste it reading stuff I don’t enjoy. I love sharing my interaction with books and value the growing collection of my reviews at LARC-SciFi(dot)com like most readers value their crowded book shelves.

This was a satisfying and surprising end to an Epic story.

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