Ring of Carnac *****
By Brian Michaud

I liked the sequel even more than the first! Kay, Alamon, and the gang are back and this time they tangle with pirates, spies, wonkey wizards, and more evil doers. This book is great for kids just starting to read chapter books. Michaud presents a story that is accessible to the youngest readers but still approaches tough topics like betrayal and grief. I think it is essential to all ages fiction that we not underestimate the capability of children to begin pondering mature themes in the safety of such a work of fantasy. The book isn’t just for kids, as no all ages fantasy truly is. Are you an adult? Pick up a copy to read to your little buddy. He could use a break from tv.

I listened to this story on audible any time me and my nine year old son took a ride. It started with a three hour drive to Lake George to enjoy the last week of summer vacation. As Kay and his adventurers traversed their world questing for a ring, the fam and I journeyed to school, ran weekend errands, and birthday partied. Sometimes my wife rode along. She pretends like she doesn’t care, but I caught her asking for plot fill-ins more than once on this book! My toddler even joined in with some Teelock imitations.

I was given a free audible code at my request and have voluntarily left a review. Any review. That fact that it’s a good one is because the book is good. Which has nothing to do with how awesome I am. 

You can read my review of Michaud’s first novel, the Road to Nyn here.

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