Riddle of the Gods: Shiva XIV book 3 *****
By Lyra Shanti

This is the book that took this series from good to great! Ayn has already survived the destruction of his childhood and confronted the world non gods deal with, now his faces something that each of us must overcome, his own inner demons. I enjoyed the characterization is this installment. Shanti drove much of the character building through dialogue, and this part of the epic is loaded with surprise revelations and shocking bursts of new information. If you have read the first two and are on the fence about pushing on, go for it! If you haven’t started yet, check out my reviews for the first two and then join the fun.

“This was his city. It was amazing and horrible and wonderful all at once.” This is one of my favorite snippets of narrative.

Many of the characters that I thought were children (and frisky adolescents in the second installment) are now all grown up! There are tons of reveals in this book. We learn about why Ayn is plumbed both ways, and there’s even a scene that made me scream, “Holy (expletive)! That is more shocking than when I learned Vader was daddy!”

How cool is this book? So cool that I binged on this series in order to get my greedy oversized hands on the book 4 ARC before its release. Word. Writing reviews has its advantages. ;-)

 I asked the author for review copies and Shanti graciously provided tinder for the raging inferno that is my love for science fantasy. I have reviews for the entire series and all sorts of other great books at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

Buy this book if you like Voltron (Lion Force or Legendary Defender), books that explore interpersonal relationships, space, coming of age stories, or LGBTQ(…+) characters and topics. In fact, buy this book if you are afraid of LGBTQ(…+) topics. Sit alone and read the story, and think about the fact that people are people regardless of who and how they love. It’s good to challenge you own paradigm, after all. Don’t read this story until you’re a grown up, though. It’s got some hot and heavy love scenes.

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