URGENT! Dispatch Immediately-
LARC1 Volunteer Corps Recruits Needed

The legacy of dangers the Old Anki Empire have strewn about the galaxy still lurk about in our midst. We have won some victories, but it is only one conflict in a much greater interaction between forces that are greater than anything we have seen so far.

Ranks of shugarra corps, idgeul pilots, and battle armored infantry fighters have already swollen in preparation of the next attack. It could come from anywhere. That is why LARC1 needs communications officers back on Earth. Science Fiction and Fantasy readers are uniquely talented for the crucial role the Anki Legacies Adventures has in store for you. You have the know-how, experience, hardware, and hopefully the guts to post a rating and written review on Amazon and Goodreads.

As you have read, the League of Atlantis Reborn Colonists and their new companions have many outstanding abilities but none of them possess what it takes to tell our world about the Anki Legacies Adventures. Only you can. Only those who have read Distant Origins, LARC Transmissions short stories, A Paleolithic Fable and/or Monkeyboy can do this job.

Thank you for reading and enjoying the Anki Legacies. You may not know anyone else who reads books like this, but if you did I’m sure you mentioned the book already. Please think of a book review like the social evidence that many potential fans need to see before they give the story a try. Not everyone is as gutsy as you, plunging into a story you’ve never heard anything about. They need to know they won’t be disappointed, we are all much too busy to read what we don’t like, after all.

The job comes with hazard pay. 

Every Volunteer Corps recruit who leaves a written review on Amazon and signs up for LARC news at LARC-SciFi.com is welcome to use the contact form online, paste a link to your review, and request a free copy of any other Anki Legacies Adventure in .mobi, .pdf, .azw3, or .epub. The only limit to the program is how many adventures I’m able to publish!

Don’t worry about if your writing is up to snuff. Reviews are for and from readers. People will recognize that you are a real person through your sentences and no one expects a review to be elegant.

The glory and danger may be on the front line, but every LARC1 volunteer is an essential part of the team. Join right away, while the adventure is still fresh in your mind!


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