Raven’s Curse ****
By Rain Oxford

What is really inside someone and why is it there? Should it be there? Should the person work to improve away from that trait? Middle grade readers who ask these questions will enjoy the unfolding saga of Aiden and this tale, Raven’s Curse. Oxford has really locked in on the introspective tween point of view in this narrative.

In part three of the Sorcerer’s Saga, Aiden’s mother hatches a plan that will turn her son into an evil doer so she can steal his power. He learns of an exclusive group of magic users on the planet and that he is among their number.

I’m glad I was listening to this audiobook that I requested a review copy of with my nine year old son, because he helped me keep track of all the new characters. I found the task overwhelming while bringing my family up to Portland Maine for a nice weekend downtown and near the water. I’m under no obligation to review this or any book, but I keep at it to inform you, dear reader. Check out my reviews of the first two parts of Sorcerer’s Sage at LARC-SciFi(dot)com/bookreviews if you haven’t read the other books in the series.

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