Polly! *****
by Stephen Goldin

Rod could be the topic of a sappy country music song. His wife just left, his business and home burned down, and his car broke down in the desert. Lucky for him, he broke down in front of Polly’s mansion. Polly is everything anyone could aspire to. She is an expert in just about everything and an outstanding acrobat, too. She is also wildly beautiful.

I received a free audiobook copy of this story and I was amazed at the number of philosophical notions I’ve pondered that are addressed in Polly! Anyone willing and able to think about religion and spirituality with an open mind will enjoy this book. If you enjoyed the Kevin Smith film Dogma then this book is for you. If you decided to write the director hate mail for his blaspheming, you may just want to pass on Polly! There are other good reads out there for you, like Pilgrim’s Progress or the Left Behind series. Avoid the upset. There is also a sex scene, so beware.

Here is a great quote, that I will provide without context except to say that I have an undergrad in business and am terrified of doing a master’s degree program: ”Become a serial killer, or worse, get an MBA.” I laughed out loud, and no I don’t mean that I halfheartedly smirked while thumb typing.

Have you ever wondered about what it would be like to actually be a god? I hardly think sitting on a marble chair and listing to a choir is all you would like to do with infinite power and possibility coursing through you. Polly and Rod discuss how a god might spend their days and what such a deity would actually want of the very creations cast in their likeness.

The narration was great. Each character sounded distinct and the voices complimented the writing.

This is one of those great books that you find yourself thinking back on. I can safely say that because I finished it more than a week ago and I totally slacked off putting this review together. That day job of mine sure gets in the way of hobbies.

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