Piercing the Veil *****
By Guy Riessen

What do you get when Ghostbusters takes the tone of Seven and stars a team of PHDs tht would make Indiana Jones look like a benchwarmer? Piercing the Veil! Action, horror, and all the pop culture pulls it takes to run through this gritty adventure.

When you have a book dependency as bad as mine, and I’ve read eighty this year, a new book can give you a little dash of hope or pique your interest a tad.  This book however had been on my radar since I found out Riessen was taking a crack at the long form! I’ve been a fan of his short stories for a year or two now, I encountered his writing in a critique group and have latched on! Well, enough about me… Let’s talk about I think of the book. It made me hate the five star system. This book earned all the stars!

So mythos magic is real and a bunch of Lovecraftean proto-horrors are lurking just below the surface, waiting to engorge themselves on a nice suburban family. Yeah, like yours. Good thing Derrick, Mary, Sarah, and Howard are nearby. Stationed out of Myskatonic University, these professors are also humanity’s best defense against the people eaters. Each Howard is the linguist and sharpshooter, Mary is master of the lab, Sarah is the martial arts expert and fearless leader, and Derrick has an eidetic memory.

I spent a good hour or two in nostalgia-ville remembering some middle grade detective story about a kid named Cam that had an eidetic memory. 

Sadly, after all that time, the name and genre were all I could dredge up. That’s one of the reasons I write reviews and display them like I aced a math test. My fridge is LARC-SciFi(dot)com, so read this book then when you agree with my awesome opinions, come on down, get some free short stories, then see what else I’ve read.

I got a free screener copy, naner naner naner! It pays to run your mouth about books you like, give it a try after you read this one! I got my freebie and loved it so much I bought a couple extra paperbacks for Christmas gifts. One’s going to be for me, too. Even though I’m smothering under my TBR pile (it gets cozy down there), I like to keep a bookshelf of paperbacks in my subterranean study for after the EMP knocks us off the power grid and before my eventual rise to power over some pre-industrial New England wasteland.

Not even the GPS robot lady who reads to me while I roadtrip via eReader Prestigio could detract from the pace and tension in this adventure. I recommend it to every adult reader who can handle a bit of glop, and especially if you like Pulp Fiction, Lovecraft, Buffy (the movie), Ghostbusters, Hard Scifi (there’s a lot of gadget talk), or paranormal detective stuff.  

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