Out of the Darkness *****
By Brhi Stokes

This anthology is cool for three different reasons. First, it gives previews for Stok’s first novel, which I loved, Caligation along with previews of her current WIPs. Second, there are some interesting scenes that properly describe a setting and situation then end. Third, there are stand-alone short stories here that are really fun! I liked Wolf’s Bane so much I did my own fanfic twist on the story.

The excerpt called An Element of Chaos really piqued my interest. I’m interested get my hands on the full novel. Now I just need a time machine, or to wait. Don’t know which is tougher…

I got a free copy of this anthology because I have a reputation for talking about books I like. I made no promises and don’t owe anybody anything. For the ebook that is… If you wish to bask in the warmth of my opinions, read about a hundred other reviews, including one for Brhi Stokes’s novel Caligation at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

Being familiar with her work, it’s fun to know that all these stories take place in the same universe and might one day overlap one another, despite their obvious differences. I can’t wait to see how Stokes’s future titles come out!

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I like Stokes's work so much that I took over one of her short stories! Check out Writer Battle: Woman in Wolf's Clothing. Its a ten minute read. Brhi Stokes and I also recorded a Book Club Chat for Caligation and she appears in VFC 2017 Prehistoric Fantasy at Shane's Book Club.

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