Nineveh’s Child *****
By Gerhard Gehrke

Dinah calls two places home. One is among Carl, Uma, and Roslyn on their farm house out in the country. We are talking about a post-apocalyptic waste land, but her neck of the woods is pretty nice. Until the folks from her first home come calling.

Some of the problems Dinah faces are those of simple wilderness survival. Some of them have to do with why she solves math problems in her head as a way to unwind. What she must overcome in Nineveh is the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt getting caught plugged into the Borg from TNG.

I loved it!

I’ve been hearing a bit of poo pooing about Dystopian and/ or Post-Apocalyptic SciFi here and there, but perhaps a scenario that starts after the world has gone wrong is a reflection of the times we live in. Of course people imagine the end of the world. Society as we live it has a variety of interdependencies. Any single professional or academic is specialized to the point that perhaps apocalypse is likelier than we know. There are people who actually stock bunkers and practice wilderness survival, Preppers. If people are actually getting ready for the apocalypse, a much larger portion of the population is entertaining the notion, through fiction. I think the best thing about world gone wrong novels is the optimist who is trying to turn radioactive lemons into glowing lemonade. Dinah keeps her chin up and tends toward the loner lifestyle, so I was rooting from early on.

I received a free copy in exchange for a review. Any review. That fact that it’s a good one is because the book is good. Which has nothing to do with how awesome I am. You’ll have to find that out for yourself @S_Shane_Thomas on Twitter.

Trust is a theme in this novel. Dinah is close with a bunch of people chock full of agendas. Being the sweet thing she is, untangling how to set the world straight without betraying another proves to be the true test of the character.

I recommend this novel to people who enjoy optimistic main characters, post-apocalyptic worlds, cat people, people with siblings, and fans of classic speculative fiction like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or Frankenstein.

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