Engineering, Inventor, Architecture, and Lost Ruins geeks NEED to read The Engineer by Darran M Handshaw

The Engineer has what every engineer, inventor, architect, and builder has been waiting for!  An engineer hero in a sci-fi/fantasy setting.  The main character, Actaeon, draws inspiration from MacGyver, Hero of Alexandria, and Nathan Stark as he uses his mind and creations to get himself out of (and into) trouble.

The Engineer is also for geeks that love Lost and Ruined Cities.  It is set in the fallen city of Redemption, a place far surpassing any future we could imagine that has been brought to its knees.  The Ancients who had once dwelt there disappeared without a trace centuries or even millennia ago, leaving behind a technological wasteland filled with mystery, danger, and possibility.  Fans of Stargate Atlantis, Mad Max, and Horizon Zero Dawn will love exploring Redemption!

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