Mutation *****
by Nerys Wheatley

Alex’s is a Meir’s disease survivor. The disease turns its victim into a mindless, flesh eating, super strong monster. It’s being a zombie except physiologically possible. Not many can be cured and those who are keep the white eyes and super strength. Micah has been leading mobs of protestors to the neighborhood where survivors congregate. He and Alex are on opposite sides of a new discrimination and the law until they are forced to escape an eater outbreak together.

I really enjoyed the plot and pace. Every time these guys catch a break, some new threat takes advantage of the city’s distress to creep out of the woodwork and antagonize. Their tenuous partnership in survival is tested not only by the living dead but by people on both sides of the fence about Meir’s Disease Survivors like Alex.

This one is for adults only, thanks to a certain psychotic temptress with strange tastes in lovers. Some guys are dying to meet a girl like her. Ha ha ha.


Anyhow, I received a free copy of this book because I talk about books a lot. Seriously, it gets me the stink eye when I’m supposed to be adulting and I’m ready to leave my book cave yet. I am under no obligation to review. There is no hungry eater chained on the far wall. I do this sort of ranting all the time, voluntarily! See for yourself at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

So often in tales of the undead, the source of the outbreak is ignored or farfetched. Wheatley has not only created a plausible disease that gets us real close to George Romero’s creepies from Night of the Living Dead, but actually delivered on a book plot besides simply escaping. Without spoiler, I would like to say that the lab stuff near the end was a major league payoff.

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