Twelve years after the LARC1 colony landed on Nibiru and Distant Origins  took place, a group of kids uncover a plot to restore the Anki Empire in the solar system!

Hanuman is one of a kind. A monkey turned person thanks to the same magic gemstones that created the powerful Anki race. His friends are not the typical human colonists either. Follow Han on a space fantasy adventure as he battles the dangerous Rakshasa who have been working in secret to overthrow the various independent communities of people on his home planet, Nibiru. One little green Monkeyboy struggles to belong among various species of people while fighting beings with powers that stretch the imagination.

Will Hanuman find his place in the universe?

Can he stop the rekindling Anki Empire?

Why do girls try to kiss him?

Excerpt from Monkeyboy 

Hanuman turned and saw Wisp toying with three Rakshasa whom she had lured to the far end of the hall. They swung desperately at her only to pass through her vapor. Her strikes were solid however and one of the Rakshasa was badly battered already.

Han loped toward her, hoping to even the odds. He yelled when he was close, and the Rakshasa turned to spot his approach.

Wisp shoved hard into a Rakshasa sending it toppling down hard stone steps with a series of clatters and a final crunch echoing back up the stair well. She resumed battering the Rakshasa who had seen the most of her punishment.

Hanuman lunged in with a staff thrust, but the Rakshasa side stepped, and Han stumbled into Wisp. She steadied the boy and assumed her regular place as his body armor. The pair worked together fighting the two Rakshasa, but could not gain any ground. Footsteps up the stairs alerted Han that Rakshasa reinforcements were on the way. The two Rakshasa they faced corralled Han and Wisp into the stair well and Han began slowly retreating downward, one step at a time. The sounds of Rakshasas clambering up the stairwell grew louder.

Wisp blocked the first strike from below.

Han swept the staff, catching a Rakshasa’s ankle and it fell back into the other Rakshasa pressing them lower. Then he turned and gasped. The stairs were filled with them now. He saw serpentine faces, bear heads, jagged crocodile mouths, bird beaks, hyena muzzles, and ram’s horns. Panic and adrenaline thumped through his veins. The hall began to feel small. There were so many. He and his friends were going to be overwhelmed. His feet slipped, suddenly far too large to fit on one step. Han was growing!

“Wisp, get the others out of here!” Hanuman snarled.

The cloud girl bolted like a winter wind up the stair, past her opponents, to the hall and their friends beyond.

Hanuman’s shoulders were touching opposite walls in the stair well now. He felt punches, slashes, and jabs like they were pinpricks. Infuriating pin pricks. He roared a feral call.

His cousins chittered a reply that they had escaped out a window.

Hanuman roared again and flexed his ever swelling back. Stone burst apart, spraying pebbles and dust. The Rakshasa below him cried in pain as Han’s massive limbs continued to grow, crushing them into the stone walls before bursting through the stairwell. Hanuman felt the building bursting apart all around him. Then he thrashed his head back, tearing the roof off in a spray of thatch and cross beams.

Han grabbed at a sting on his chest and looked at the Hyena headed Rakshasa in his grasp. He crushed it after it stabbed feebly at Han’s wrist. Han threw the inert body hard. His gaze followed the lifeless Rakshasa as it hurdled passed the rest of the buildings in Takpour and into the woods beyond.

A group of silver figures in the distance caught Han’s attention. The Shugarra Corps were about to arrive! Han whooped in glee, a bellowing roar, given his size. The boy looked at the rubble he now stood in. Stone, wood, and debris mounded about him, up to his thighs. He panicked, looking around for his friends.

A monkey’s call focused his attention. Cray waved, from the shelter of a building’s alcove down the road from Han and the Rakshasa’s ruined hideout. Wisp whirled up to Han and bursts of orange-pink light dazzled him.

Han saw that Valkimi and a handful of the Rakshasa who survived the building’s collapse lay dazed nearby, making no attempt at escape. Han exhaled a sigh of relief and began shrinking.

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