Max and the Multiverse *****
By Zachry Wheeler

Max is looking forward to enjoying his spring break in a basement, alone save for his orange cat, playing videogames. Instead, thanks to some fluke with quantum physics, he’s risking life and limb on a space freighter an orange lesbian couple. While in space, his cat can talk, but does so mainly to call Max’s Garfield jokes racist. Does Max have what it takes to save the multiverse? Find out for yourself.

I was impressed by Wheeler’s Transient. I was blown away by the fact that the guy who wrote that book also wrote a very funny book! You can check that review out at LARC-SciFi(dot)com/BookReviews.html if you have yet to read them. Or just stop reading reviews and buy both books. You won’t be disappointed.

Max’s story is one that I think many millennials are currently wrestling. Finding what matters to you that can benefit the world at large. The world is a crowded place, parts of which are overrun with people competing for resources against one another. In the fortunate corners of the globe where basic needs are nearly guaranteed, the problems don’t cease, they simply turn in on themselves. In this adventure, Max discovers what it is that makes him happy and a productive part of a little tribe. Isn’t that what we all want to find when we feel unsatisfied?

I got a free copy of this book because Wheeler and I are both in the Scifi Roundtable, a Facebook group, and I saw him running it for free. I write reviews as part of my community service for those dirty days of bit torrent sharing, before I ponied up and paid for amazon prime (Just kidding…kind of…). I’ve reviewed a ton of good books and you can see what I’m reading next on Twitter @S_Shane_Thomas.  

I hope Max makes it farther in the galaxy than Walter Dent ever dared to explore!

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