Mathematics of Eternity *****
By David Kelly

Kelly’s delivery is cynical. Humanity’s future is the aftermath of our postindustrial age spent in denial of ecological issues. It made a very enjoyable read! Of all the dystopian stories I’ve read, perhaps this world is the likeliest to occur.

Joe is living the life of a taxi driver a lot like Corban Dallas in one of my top ten favorite movies, Fifth Element. Unlike Bruce Willis, Joe was in a horrible accident that left him in prosthetic limbs he couldn’t get used to. One other thing they have in common is that the fate of life itself is on the line.

I enjoy both Kelly’s vivid imagery, especially during the doc’s big scene, and the characterization shown in Joe through recurring quirks.

Romance in the novel is every bit as scifi as the central plot. Joe’s boss really is the complete package! Others take internet dating to the ultimate level.

I was given a free review copy at my request and have voluntarily left a review. Any review. That fact that it’s a good one is because the book is good. Which has nothing to do with how awesome I am. You’ll have to find that out for yourself at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

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