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Check out these LARC Adventures on .mp3 format! I narrated some of the LARC Transmissions from this website. You can stream them from the links below, or you can download by right clicking and using the "save as" option.

I'm gearing up to turn my novels into audio-books. Do you think the quality of these recordings is purchase worthy? Please comment below or use my contact form.

  1. A Dog's Interstellar Adventure
  2. A Pinch of Starlight
  3. Antman
  4. Bright Eyes
  5. CAD Changed His Mind
  6. Initiation
  7. Laundry Monster
  8. Leech Brains
  9. Memoirs of an Ancient Explorer
  10. Monster in the Lift Tube; A Love Story
  11. Mythical Impostor
  12. New Package, Same Old Taste
  13. Old Familiar Visitors
  14. Some Big Help
  15. Tongue Biter

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