Wow, you're really poking around! Thanks. Here's a bunch of odd ducks that I've corralled into one place. If this site was my dresser, this would be the clutter drawer. Clutter too interesting to throw away...

Letters About Real Conspiracies

Inspiration for my next book has come in the form of my new friend, Rob Rogers. He travel the same neck of the woods that I cover and he is immersed in the world of conspiracies, cryptozoids, and close encounters. This is Rob's space to collect and share the testimonials of others.

About S Shane Thomas

Writer Shop Talk

So I am a traveling salesperson by day with a business degree. I write because I love it. Then experience and education compel me to rant about the intersection between selling stuff and indie books. 

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You can check out the Facebook happening of my series from the safety of my website. 

Aunt Rosie will never know you are slacking off instead of raking the lawn.

Facts in my fiction

The best lies are wrapped in truths. Mine are all make believe. Here's the real stuff.

Listen to Flash Fiction

I recorded a bunch of the flash fiction from LARC Transmissions. Its all here for you!

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