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Book Reviews and Monkeyboy early reader sign up
January 08, 2017

Hi Everybody!

I'm nearly finished writing and editing Monkeyboy, an Anki Legacies Adventure. If you'd like to receive an early copy and don't mind posting a review on Goodreads and Amazon (if you shop on it already) then drop me a line!

If you got a freebie of the A Paleolithic Fable and have yet to post a review, I humbly request you post that one before getting another free book. If you had problems posting a review and you are a regular amazon shopper, try adding the phrase "I received an Advance Reader Copy of this novel for free from the author" to comply with US FCC regulations.

I've also been writing reviews on the books I've been reading. They are such a crucial part of an indie writer's success that have made it a priority to help out my peers however I can. Check them out, you may find something great to read when you've run out of Anki Legacies books.

Cheers! Shane

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