LARC Transmissions

Ancient aliens left Atlantis, a colonial starship, behind when they abandoned Earth. In humanity's near future LARC, the League of Atlantis Reborn Colonies reverse engineers the ancient craft and builds a fleet. Each vessel is a self sustained city, transporting a half million people to their new home world.

Flash Fiction from LARC Transmissions

Follow the links below to read all the flash fiction from LARC Transmissions, here for free! Flash fiction is a complete story told using only 500 to 2000 (about 1-3 pages)words. The LARC Transmissions also contains five short stories, in the 2500 - 10,000 word range (about 5-15 pages) and a novelette which is 1200 words (about 25 pages) long. You can only read the short stories and novelette if you buy the collection.

LARC1 Flash Fiction

  • Old Familiar Visitors- A lonely sentinel’s vigil is interrupted by human explorers after thousands of years of solitude.
  • Dog's Interstellar Adventure- A dog and the young boy who loves it have a close call while exploring their new home world.
  • Initiation- A Pneuma youth has the unlucky trait which causes him to grow into an Anki. What should be extraordinary, is punishable by death.
  • Memoirs of an Ancient Explorer- Colonial Security Officers are whisked through a wormhole while on patrol in their idgeul. Trapped in stasis and adrift through space, three travelers search for society.
  • Mythical Impostor- Metallic dragons terrorize Haran’s countryside, looting innocent farmers, until a youth challenges their strength.
  • New Package, Same Old Taste- A lonely research assistant develops a unique ability and takes a second try at attracting his dream girl. Sometimes what a guy thinks he lacks is not what keeps the girl at bay.
  • Laundry Monster- An engineer’s cluttered living quarters turn against him when he brings work home. Now spring cleaning is his only chance for survival.

LARC3 Flash Fiction

  • Leech Brains- Leeches have thirty two brains. Imagine all the books someone could read through with that much thought power! Doctor Erin makes herself a little buddy who is chock full of ideas in this online short story.
  • Monster in the Lift Tube- A Love Story- An ageless engineer becomes enamored by an altered beauty who is like no girl he’s ever been with before. Will love prevail in this weird sci fi tale?
  • Bright Eyes- The vampire squid has the largest eye to body ratio in the animal kingdom. Dr. Erin creates the perfect crewman to detect rogue planets and celestial bodies drifting through the dark parts of deep space. 
  • Antman- In order to overcome the crushing pressure of a planet’s gravity, Dr. Erin splices humans with the animal kingdom's strongest pound for pound creature, the ant.
  • CAD Changed His Mind- Scientists aboard the LARC3 spaceship use computer aided drafting to alter the human brain. This tale should encourage us all to try holistic treatments whenever possible.
  • Out On A Limb- Lizard’s bodies are capable of incredible things. Read this story to discover how Dr. Erin learns to lend a hand.
  • Tongue Biter- Dr. Erin alters the Cymothoa Exigua to help violent criminals listen to their conscience..

LARC 5 Flash Fiction

  • Crash Course in Magic- LARC5 explorers crash land on a world where the laws of science simply don’t apply. Their ship and a crew member appear beyond any help the failed discipline could have offered on a normal world.
  • Asteroid Habitat- Leroy and Jillian discover creatures living on an asteroid that could be the key to populating worlds devoid of atmosphere.
  • Counter-Vibration- A planet’s most feared predator hunts with eco location. The LARC5 crew creates a counter vibration to explore the world undetected, until their equipment malfunctions.
  • Dark Energy Specters- Our universe is full of dark matter and dark energy. The LARC5 crew encounters beings who exist within these strange phenomenon.
  • Like A Sponge- On an arid world, moisture is a commodity so precious that the unsavory elements of society are willing to sap it out of unwary visitors.
  • Lithium Eaters- Jillian and Leroy explore a Y class brown dwarf star harbors unintelligent life with a taste for the LARC5’s shuttles.
  • Shared Atmosphere- Leroy and Jillian visit a strange moon and planet where the daily commute is through an umbilical cord-like exchange of atmospheres.

Adventure Flash Fiction

  • Rookie Reflections of the Kupier Belt- The Kupier Belt, just outside our solar system, is the ideal place to harvest building materials for the LARC starships. Mining the belt pays well, but getting started can be rough.
  • Message from the Black Hole- A LARC starship decodes the strange signal emitted  by a black hole in the Perseus Galaxy.
  • Just Like Your DadA fighter pilot is presumed dead and stranded alongside three of the enemy’s infants.
  • Diamond Star- A starship’s inhabitants mine a cold dwarf star that has solidified into diamond.  Investors and the minors have different ideas about splitting the profits.

Funny Flash Fiction

  • Pork Rib for Your Thoughts- A colonial starship sets down on a world that enables humans to communicate telepathically with animals.
  • Galactic Hooch Harvest- A LARC colony halts its voyage through space to collect the naturally occurring cloud of alcohol at the center of the galaxy and prepares to toast the event.
  • Some Big Help- Three short years before a LARC colonial starship reaches its destination, it encounters a massive alien vessel with noble intentions.
  • Unanticipated Harvest- “The worm,” a mining vessel, encounters a massive alien creature while harvesting minerals from an asteroid.

Grim Flash Fiction

  • Heads Up- Children from a LARC colony trade toys with funny little insects. It’s great at first, until a big trade comes along.
  • Mechanical Man Eater- A LARC Colony reaches a world where artificial intelligence sits at the top of the food chain.
  • Galactic Butterfly- Caterpillars eat 86,000 times their weight in food. That’s okay when they are small…
  • Metarhizium Anisopliae- A mutated fungus infects members of a LARC colony.

Surreal Flash Fiction

  • More Than Spare Parts- LARC colonists create clones who can regrow organs. Now the clone has grown a mind of his own.
  • Caretaker of Virtual Utopia- One LARC starship turns to virtual reality to experience the luxuries their parents left behind. A virtual caretaker ensures they get taken care of.
  • Lonesome Conscious World- A lonely world tells its tale of awareness when a LARC colony arrives.
  • A Pinch of Starlight- Awaiting his fate in a broken down shuttle; a LARC colonists discovers he has the ability to teleport.
  • Compatibility IssuesA LARC scientist learns about alien reproduction, firsthand. 
  • Macro Virus- LARC scientists encounter a village of man sized single celled organisms.


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