Knowing Jack*****
By Julie Elizabeth Powell

Jack is a boy who seems to have a sixth sense. His father treats it like a mild personal superstition. This weekend’s trip to a friend’s cabin in the woods has just set him off. Is it his annoying cousin, Rosy? Could it be the winter storm? Find out for yourself. Seriously, I enjoyed this fast all ages read.

Powell, whose work I adore in the realm of high fantasy, has impressed me with only a few easy dashes of the speculative. If fantasy books were deserts, a story Knowing Jack would be in the lemon bar family. The dessert struck me as follows- Hmm. Lemons… but there is powdered sugar on top. Then you try it and it is a little sweet, but rich beyond your wildest imagination in buttery wonder.

The chase and adventure had danger, survival, suspense, and an unlikely bond formed between two characters.

I’d recommend this book to anyone on summer break, looking for a good adventure while stuck in the back of a car on a hot day. It’s set in the winter, so it’s refreshing.

I received a free audible code in exchange for a review. Any review. That fact that it’s a good one is because the book is good. Which has nothing to do with how awesome I am. You’ll have to find that out for yourself @S_Shane_Thomas on Twitter.

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