Here be Monsters *****
By Leenna Naidoo

Angie wants to keep her marriage and love life going strong, so she treks with her hubby Keiron to his job on Mars. In this near future science fiction novelette, a two week ride in a shuttle brings you to the red planet. Angie takes note that her forty something brother and all the permanent Mars colonists look like they are in their twenties. And that something about them just isn’t right…

Naidoo is giving away her strange tale on Smashwords and for anyone who isn’t already a fan from No Distance to Run, it’s a great chance to try out her awesome writing style.

What’s in the juice? I won’t tell. When you read on and find out, I’m sure you’ll agree that Naidoo created something truly unique in the realm of first contact stories. Every time the kiddies have a playdate now, and I pull out the juice boxes I’m going to wonder if it the juice that’s turning my little dudes into monsters, too.

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