by Tristram Lowe

I love a good mystery with a supernatural twist and Headless delivered! There were some plot elements up in the air for a very enjoyable length of time. Akio is a photographer who has weaseled his way onto a project with his paper’s top report, Masami. She’s a no nonsense A type personality who is great at her job. Akio has a boyish sort of crush on her that blurs between romance and professional admiration. It’s such a great and underused dynamic. It really brought me back to my teen years, when I was single and totally inept with the fairer sex!

This story is set in Japan, which is someplace I’ve always wanted to visit. There were some neat little details, like a type of Honda I’ve never heard of, that really made me feel like I was seeing a little island nation rather than passing through Rhode Island for the hundredth time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rhode Island, as most Connecticut residents do. Except those that are jealous that they are hogging all the good beaches and we got stuck with the Long Island Sound.

I got a free copy of this book in order to write a genre mash-up between ol’ headless Sam(urai) here and these guys I write stories about. It was a lot of fun, and includes Lowe’s prologue, so would make a great preview for this book. 

Or just go ahead and buy the book, read and love it, then check out Writer Battle: Head’s Up to see what this fanboy put together. It’s available for free here.

I love martial arts and a well written fight scene. Lowe lived up to my expectations. There were fights with swords, of which I know nothing, but Jenny and I have talked about taking fencing classes as a family sometime. Maybe I can talk her into studying the katana instead! How lovely, a quaint New England family in their little downtown home. Don’t need to lock the doors in their neighborhood, because burglars will get ninja-fied! That’s a joke. No burglars were harmed in the writing of this review.

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Lowe was kind enough to allow me to use his prologue to build Writer Battle: Headless. Characters from A Paleolithic Fable encounter the headless samurai while hunting Ghostkin through kadinger portals. Enjoy the ten minute read and preview for Headless!

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