Hair of the Dog *****
by Robert Lee Beers

What an interesting series! I love the old timey gum shoe feel that Tony Mandolin has, despite the story taking place in the now. Mandolin doesn’t use smart phones and relies on the ability to read tells, like a good poker play. I’ve lost money to one such poker player, that guy is also a high school principal, which is basically a detective of supernatural horrors, right?

I know, I know, book four. I gotta catch up first! Wrong. I dove in here and didn’t fall out the side feeling stupid. Beers gives any backstory necessary and the characters are so loud and awesome that they drive themselves. Frankie is the best! I need to find out where he shops. I’m about his height and can hardly find a thirty-six inch inseam on cargo pants, but he scored a Disney princess gown!

I really liked Tony’s turns of phrase like “Momma Mandolin’s baby boy” it kept me thinking about that noir fifties detective thriller stuff. Like Angels with Dirty Faces. Yep. The movie Macully Culkin watches in Home Alone. “Keep the change, you filthy animal!”

There are a couple of grown-ups only scenes, so if you are one of my younger fans and follow my reviews at LARC-SciFi(dot)com, then I’d recommend saving this one for college. I received a free copy of this book but I now want to pay for the full audiobook production of anther Tony Mandolin story, you sound effects, actors, and intro music. My synthetic reader would get jealous but she’s a robot and doesn’t have feelings… So why do I feel guilty?

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