Gods of the Mountain *****
by Christopher Keene

Who are the Ksai gods and what do they want with humanity? Whatever they are, they gave the mountain people symbol magic, the only magic in the realm. The symbol system was fascinating and I enjoyed our hero Faulk’s journey, learning the art. He didn’t go it alone, some fellow veterans and a few of the outlandish mountain people started off trying to make their little patch of the world right and ended out in a plot that will engulf their entire world.

It’s nice to see the Protagonist work toward an ability. Hopefully Keene gets a movie deal on this and Faulk’s training gets set to a montage with arena rock music and sleeveless shirts.

I’ve read and reviewed eighty books this year and I’ve got to say that this is one of the best High Fantasy titles I’ve read. The world was vivid. The different groups of people were distinct, they had jobs within believable communities, and there were a few larger than life villains.

Did I mention romance and intrigue? There was a bit of that too, but not too much romance. This is an adults only book, in my opinion. A scene toward the end is too intense for the youngins.

Keene provided a free copy of this book with no strings attached. Why, you ask? Because I’m Toucan Sam and awesome fantasy books are my Fruit Loops. Regular Fruit Loops would be my Fruit Loops, but I have a gluten sensitivity. Anyhow, I chose to review the book without obligation, because that’s how I roll! Don’t believe me? Check out my pile of lippy opinions at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

If this doesn’t turn into a series, then I will cry.

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