Ghostmaker *****
By Eric Michael Craig

Adam Steel struck out to be his own man. To take his invention and change the world. Only problem with a startup is dealing with the investors. Until Lucy comes along and makes all of Adam’s dreams come true.

This short story delivers exactly what a tale in the short form ought to. Novels twine lots or related ideas and adventures while a good short story is a single strong strand, like a sea fishing line that can pull in a tuna. Foreshadowing, conflict, and theme all lead the reader to the twist ending.

I forget if I caught this story for free from an Amazon promotion or if the author gave me a review copy. Unimportant really, because this story was a fun read with a surprise waiting that I would readily have paid a buck for. I voluntarily gave an awesome review for a couple reason. First, I like to impose my opinions on others, especially in the realm of speculative fiction. Keep up with my other reviews @S_Shane_Thomas on Twitter. Second, because it’s up to We the Reader to tell one another about great stories.

I think that a world with Stargate like portals would initially be inhabited both by major fans and those who feared their use, even as Adam was hesitant to use the very device he created.

The supernatural element in the story was subtle and well played.

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