Fluffy Bunny*****
By Sarah Buhrman

Nichola Crandall saved the world from Ragnaroc with the magic power of some Rune Spells and gets to keep them and play hero now. Awesome, right? Well, it gets tougher than all that. The Norns send our hero deep into crazy cult land to retrieve other Rune Spells from the guy serving the Kool-aide.

Buhrman has woven action and mystery into Norse Mythology and created more than just an urban fantasy series. I enjoyed the philosophy and pagan religious ideas woven into the tale. This passage took me back to my days of pondering Malcolm Gladwell’s work, Blink. “Everyone already has all the information they need, they just need to see it in a way that isn’t loaded down with emotions and biases.”

Her content isn’t the only enjoyable angle, the story is well crafted. Action and dialogue drive the story, not the dreaded info dump. We are on a journey, not stuck in the library in front of the Encyclopedia Britannica! Do young people know about that reference manual? No matter, this book is best read by adults. I’d say it’s rated R or NC17. If you are Christian and/or not open minded about stories that God isn’t the one and only magic guy and certainly isn’t our hero, this story may get you riled. Remember, Jesus was about love, so don’t be a hater.

I haven’t read the first book, and this one was easy to get right into. We get a bit of backstory, but not a full rehash of book one. Just the way I like it. Now I remain curious enough to put it on my TBR!

The title is our hero’s reference to white privilege. This is an interesting concept and one that is currently a focal point in our collective society’s struggle at not being jerks to one another. Repulsed by the notion? Chances are you need to explore the concept more than anyone.

I met Buhrman doing a couple video discussion panels for Virtual Fantasy Con 2017. I was “host” of one, but she did all the heavy lifting. Thanks Sarah! Her input on the panels got me excited about her work, so naturally (and unsurprisingly to those who follow my book blog), I bummed a freebie! There were no strings attached. I wrote this review because you deserve to know about books that I think are awesome, Dear Reader! Check out other books I like at LARC-SciFi(dot)com.

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