Edge of Doom: Haruspex 2 *****
by E.M. Swift-Hook

Swift-Hook displays her world building prowess through her character Jaz’s thoughts. He contemplates his own short hard life which may pass the fifty year mark before a violent end, versus the one hundred and seventy year olds in Central, who would easily see another fifty years. His one passing thought gave me an impression of a colonized and populated galaxy full of humans who perpetuate a sort of caste system where scarcity of resources dictates life and livelihood. Suddenly this far off time and place feels close to home…

This is the middle point in the nine book Fortune’s Fools and we see Durban running things in The City with Jaz as his chief enforcer. I’ve reviewed every book leading up to this and even had the privilege of interacting with a short story that takes place just before book 4 called Doubled Spirit. You can find all the reviews and my Writer Battle with Swift-Hook at LARC-Scifi(dot)com. I only mention this to assure you, the hesitant reader, that this series is worth a whack. I recommend starting at Fated Sky.

 I got a free copy of this book. I chose, without obligation, to leave a good review because I like it. One in three books I receive for free never get reviewed because I think they stink. This is not one of them. We never talk about them…

My dad and I listened to book one of the Haruspex Trilogy together via eReader Prestigio on the Bluetooth for my Jeep while road tripping. We made an observation that the character Durban makes in this volume that was so similar I lol’d even though at the time I heard Durban’s line, I was driving around alone. Here it is, “In my experience there is very little that can’t be resolved by communications, good communications.” Easier debated than put into practice, buddy!

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