Days Gone Bad *****
By Eric Asher

Damian is a Necromancer who has been running a potion shop since his master Zola put him in charge and disappeared a few years ago. He, his vampire sister, his new employee Frank, and the size changing faeries that live in a grandfather clock in his shop are shocked by Zola’s return and the problem that rolls in on her heels. His supernatural community must now face demons who hold no value to human lives. Will their group overcome pure evil? Read for yourself!

If you follow my reviews at LARC-SciFI(dot)com/bookreviews and enjoyed the Jonathan Shade novels, Days Gone Bad is a great choice. Its urban fantasy focused on the supernatural, minus the teen romance/ drama that makes up most of the genre. No disrespect intended, I’m a Cassandra Clare fan after all! This story is full of action, magic, the fae, zombie hordes, and junk food.

I read an announcement that a fellow member of the critique group Critters was giving away his book on Amazon. Naturally, I pounced, downloaded, sank my claws in, and …. waited a couple years before reading it. Sorry, Eric! But it rose to the top of my TBR and I’m glad for it.

I hope there is a sequel. The story does a great job telling how Damian and his crew came together and runs them through an adventure. Now that we’ve gotten to know a great group of characters, I think I’d like to hear back from them sometime.

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