Crystal Horizon ***** 
By Doug J Cooper

I love a summer away at camp! Hiking, Swimming, advanced military training to prepare for a likely alien invasion… Sid has been getting great marks all through his advanced military training, even juggling a fling with another rising star Cheryl. Then a Captain from a covert division makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

If you’ve been on the fence about trying the Crystal Series, this is what you need.  Crystal Horizon has introduced me to a couple key characters in the series and Cooper proved his writing prowess in the hour or so I spent on the novelette. I got this story free for signing up for a newsletter, I think… It sat in my TBR pile for a couple months, so I can’t be sure. However I saw that it’s priced to move on Amazon for a buck. It’s worth every penny, people.

I would complain that it left me wanting more, but since this little tale is designed to do exactly that, I confirm that Crystal Horizon only takes an hour to draw you into the series.

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